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Case One: International Paper

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Case One: International Paper

Lisa Pallock

MKT 2300

September 20, 2014

1. Give some examples of how International Paper defies the common social criticisms of marketing as discussed in class.
In the literature, no prices or packaging information was provided. International Paper defies common social criticisms of marketing regarding commercial noise. They do not practice aggressive advertising considering a large part of the population has yet to hear of this socially responsible organization. Also, International Paper does not experience an unnatural state due to false wants and too much materialism. They achieve this by keeping society’s welfare very close in their decision making. 2. Analyze International Paper according to the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility.
The first level of the pyramid is the economic level and states be profitable. International Paper has certainly met this requirement selling $25 billion last year, placing itself in the 105 slot on the Fortune 500 list. The second level is legal responsibilities and is focused on obeying the law. This company takes many steps to aid the environment, including cutting hazardous waste 8% in a two-year period, keeping it well in line with EPA restrictions (Case Analysis, 2012). Next, be ethical. David Struhs, vice president of Environment, Health and Safety said International Paper has been routinely sharing environmental, economical, and social performance with the general public for more than ten years. With nothing to hide, ethical standards regarding business are well met. Arriving at the top of the pyramid, we have the philanthropic responsibilities. In 2006, the release of the ecotainer saved over a million pounds of petrochemical plastic from the marketplace resulting in enough petroleum to heat more than 32,000...

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