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Seeking positions in Sales, Marketing, Planning, Team Management, Budgeting, Key accounts management and Channel Management with an organization of repute

Career Highlights

Bharti Airtel Ltd. Since May’11
Key Account Manager – Corporate Sales

← Allocate functional areas to 12 sales managers based upon their skill level.
← Provide appropriate coaching to them to conduct focused research and ensure timely delivery of service and the achievement of the desired sales figures.
← Building strategy and tailoring bill plan constructs unique to the ever increasing communication demands of these corporates.
← Managing the accounts of over 145 corporates for service and penetration of telecom products and ensure incremental revenue earning from these relationships.

Standard Chartered Bank Feb’10 – May’11
Relationship Manager – Premium Banking

← Supervising mapped branches for Priority Banking clients.
← Coordinating client meetings with various AMC’s (Asset Management Companies) in respect of their existing funds and potential NFOs (New Fund Offers).
← Managing the accounts of 110-120 clients for spending quality investment discussions with them by taking prior appointments.
← Attaining the direct revenue for the bank in tune of 36-38 lacs / p.a. out of fresh investments from the potential HNIs.

ICICI Bank Ltd. Aug’06 – Sep’09
Territory Sales Manager- Kolkata (Aug’06 - Jan’07)
Business Manager – Kolkata (Feb’07 - Jan’08)
Probationary Officer - Hyderabad/Bangalore (Jan’08 – Nov’08)
Assistant Manager – Mumbai (Nov’08 – Sep’09)

← Supervising mapped branches for wealth management clients....

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