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Case Sealed Air Corp

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Case: Sealed Air Corp
Sealed Air is a company that was established in 1960 and its history has been highly influenced by technical accomplishment and market leadership. Today they are a well established corporation with around 26000 employees and net sales of about $7.6 billion in 2010. Their mission is to utilize the fundamental knowledge they have as far as packing and performance based materials, so that sustainable products will reduce waste. They strongly value integrity, trust, respect and lead. 1. What has been happening in this market? How has Sealed Air (SA) been doing?
The state of market occupied by Sealed Air is growing. The protective packaging market makes use of three main segments that are positioning, blocking and bracing, flexible warps, and void fill. The market for the prior element is unique. The latter two are almost inseparable as they are substituted for each other. There are competitions from several manufacturers and some of them in the flexible wrap market comprising of uncoated and coated air bubble. The selling method they have opted is personal selling.
The market has been ever increasing in US and had majority of the market because of the patent protection, licensing of just competitor, and the packaging mentality of the citizens who were highly influenced by the packaging engineers. In England they were at the top until Sansetsu a Japanese firm advertised their product. This firm along with other uncoated bubble market snatched the company's share from England. With major two competitors in France and owing SIBCO SA was at high advantage because of the cheap price. Sansetsu was the main market share holder when Germany was considered.

2. Should SA introduce an uncoated bubble to compete with GAFCEL
Yes SA should introduce an uncoated Bubble to the competitive market. The competition should not only be in aim of...

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