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It was approximately three years ago that Kathy was walking home from the Waterfront in Homestead when she was unexpectedly hit by a truck; the accident left her in a coma and caused Kathy permanent brain damage. Although she has made a great deal of progress since that time, she continues to struggle with memory loss and seizures. As a result, Kathy has found it difficult to maintain permanent employment and often finds herself struggling financially.

Here at the Hazelwood YMCA we view it as our mission to empower families like Kathy’s. With two school-age children, ages 9 and 11, Kathy has struggled with providing her girls the academic and social support that they need to succeed in school. Since the fall of 2008, Kathy’s two daughters have been enrolled in the Hazelwood YMCA’s After School Program. They have grown in leaps and bounds in their time with us; from poor test grades and hindering shyness to full participation in social activities and high honors on both girls’ most recent report cards! In addition, we have had the pleasure of further assisting Kathy’s family through our food assistance programs and modified case management services.

“Every year I see so much progress in Sammi’s communication and social skills. I can’t tell you what a wonderful blessing Camp Aim is to us every year.”

Sammi has spent the past 8 summers attending Camp Aim, a summer day camp for children with special physical, emotional or mental needs. Her counselors and camp staff set goals for her each week to work on her behaviors and issues, while engaging her in structured, fun-filled activities.

Because of Sammi’s behaviors her mother has difficulty taking her to a public pool. Camp Aim provides her only chance to swim in an in-ground pool and she loves it! Sammi and her mother look forward to coordinating her outfits and accessories for different theme days during camp. Her mom and brother also enjoy going to the talent show the campers put on every year.

Sammi’s mother says: “Sometimes I show up at camp just to watch her swim in the big pool or dance at the prom. It brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes to see her so engaged and having so much fun. We would be lost without Camp Aim.”

Providing a welcoming place for everyone to learn, play and grow – that’s the mission of the Y in action!

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