Case Study 1-the Big Data Challenges

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“Converting data into business value at Volvo”
Dianne Allamani
Dr. Paulette Stephens
CIS 500 - Information
Friday, July 13, 2012

Volvo Car Corporation is a great example of a Corporation that has been able to integrate the cloud infrastructure into its networks. Using the cloud, Volvo is able to convey and collect huge volume of Data “Big Data” to its Volvo Data Warehouse where it can be stored and analyzed for future record usage and recovery or restoration by Volvo’s employees. Asthana (2011)
He states that:
The Swedish car maker collects terabytes of data from embedded sensors in their cars—from their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, from dealerships, and from their factory floors. These data streams are combined and analyzed to yield early predictive information on matters like manufacturing defects that haven’t occurred yet.

Using Saas, software applications are run from one centralized location. The software can be accessed from any location over the internet. Volvo uses on demand computing via the clouds, to link their business units and support areas and production plants all over the world. Their cloud computing systems functions as an entry point for their web users. Connecting employees, suppliers and vendors and therefore improving their operations making them more efficient and more competitive. This allows Volvo to optimize their IT infrastructure cost effectively and still be technologically advanced giving them the competitive advantage over our similar car manufacturers. (Strader, 2011 & Asthana, 2011).

Volvo transforms massive volumes of data into knowledge by taking the data that was collected and stored in its Data Warehouse and then transforming this data into knowledge by combining and analyzing it to produce or furnish various types of informative information. Even before a customer is exposed to an issue…...