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Case Study 1- Wikileaks

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CASE Study 1- WikiLeaks
Textbook, pp. 472-473
1. The two conflicting aspects of WikiLeaks would appear to be privacy and freedom of information. Where do you stand on the issue? Discuss your views with your class.
2. One of your ethical obligations as an information security professional is confidentiality of information. Does this obligation change your position with regard to the previous question?
3. As a citizen of a democratic country, you are also concerned with freedom of information. How does this requirement affect your position?
CASE Study 2- Banking on Security
Textbook, pp. 513-514 1. What reason would a bank have for not wanting to adopt an online transfer delay policy?
Customers can’t access their funds immediately. 2. What are the two primary lines of security defence, and why are they important to financial institutions
The two primary lines of security defense are people and technology. Since banks deal with money they must offer the most advanced security features to keep their customers finances safe. According to Figure 4.17, the financial industry has the fifth highest expenditure/investment per employee for computer security. An unsafe bank will not operate long.

3. Explain the differences between the types of security offered by the banks in the examples above. Which bank would you open an account with and why?
Bank of America has the best form to fit my needs with the two-factor authentication.
I don’t see the need for key fobs with different passwords so frequently with Wells Fargo.
E-Trade would be better for their customers with large sums of money using the device with a new code ever 60 seconds.
Barclays’ delays would not be as important to me, with smaller sums of money because I need immediate access at certain times. 4. What additional types of security, not mentioned in the examples above, would you...

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