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Case Study 14.1- Supply Chain Management

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Case Questions
1. A decently overseen database may help the healing center accomplish its mission by the following points: * Cost of the each treatment in similar hospital is stored in the database to compare rate with other hospital. * Physicians can gather the relevant information quickly by providing the electronic medical record for each patient. * To find which programs and methods are best, create a historical record of the treatments. * Track the important measure to provide the data and information for example, normal length of patient wait, price for each day for a patient. 3. Hospital should carefully manage some of the cost and risk of using database because in a job market, there is short supply of skills such as database designer and database administrator. Without the specific faculty, it creates a risk to manage the database. The installation and administration expenses include updating software and installing of database and hardware. The translation cost includes the converting cost of older application into database environment. Instead of converting the hospital can choose new system. There is a need for the backup and recovery because the framework expenses are connected with those strategies. A hospital must predict the data administration cost and other activities cost related to data definition, ownership and maintenance.
6. Mountain View Hospital could use web based applications in a few ways. * Internet hospital personnel uses web based applications to create an intranet to access the databases. * Extranet application is used to third party billing with the insurance companies so hospital examines the application. * Online application permits to access the medical database and prescription drug database.
The major advantage of web based application is reorganization that practice as a third party billing and the disadvantage is security. If the network security allows the unauthorized user, then the data available in internet creates the security problem. Case Exercises
1. (a) (b)

Data Item | | | Value | | | Name | Type | Length | Min | Max | Description | Patient Name | Character | 30 | - | - | Patient’s Name | Patient Number | Integer | 4 | 0000 | 9999 | Patient’s ID | Patient Address | Character | 40 | - | - | Street/city/State | Contact Number | Integer | | 10 | 20 | Phone/Mobile number | Item Description | Character | 20 | - | - | Item Name | Item Code | Integer | 3 | 00 | 999 | Item ID | Amount | Decimal | 7 | 0.0 | 99,999.99 | Amount Charged |

Patient Name | Wiggins Brain | Patient Number | 5838 | Patient Address | 431 Walnut | Item Code | Item Description | Amount | 401 | Physical Therapy | 600 |

* First we determine the packaged information system present for risk management. *


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