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Case Study 2.4

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Case Study 1

Case Study 1.3

1. In each of the cases described, who benefits and who suffers from the alleged ethical and legal lapses of Airbus?

In these cases, I do not think there is any side is actually be benefited. Airbus may get benefits from more orders. However their behavior of getting order through improper means is quite immoral. The relevant government official who suspected bribery suffer from the alleged ethical and legal lapses of Airbus.

2. How should the public relations staff at Airbus respond to the articles appearing in The Economist, The Guardian, and Reuters News?

The political vulnerability is the main reason that cause the legal lapses. When you doing a Global business, it is huge risk to understand the line of legal and political or you could make a terrible mistake. Sometimes the culture environment of nation is much stronger than the corporate power.

3. What steps might Boeing take to defend itself from this sort of competition?

The main key of the international marketing is playing by the rules. That is how you survival from the international legal environment. The dynamics is also an important factor of assessing Global Markets.

4. Do you think that Boeing and Airbus behave differently in marketing their aircraft around the globe? How and why?

I do not think there is a clear line of behave between Boeing and Airbus. As the two top aircraft corporation in the world. They all have their own way to expand their business. Only maybe the means of Boeing Corporation is more applicable for the Global markets environment and more culturally. Therefore it is more acceptable than Airbus’s.

5. Had France adopted the OECD convention on bribery ahead of these transactions, would the firm’s behavior have differed? Why?

Yes. If France adopted the OECD convention on bribery ahead of...

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