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Case Study 5.1 the First Audit

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Brandy Santiago
MGT 410 Quality Improvement and Management
Dr. Kislal
Case Study 5.1 The First Audit

Quality Auditing is a management tool to systematically determine compliance to requirements. Poorly executed audits provide incomplete or inaccurate information upon which to base future decisions. The ISO 9000 and MBNQA standards and criteria are the two most frequently used audit standards in the United States.
Can John conduct an audit of his company’s quality management system given its present state? Discuss - A quality management system (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on achieving quality policy and quality objectives to meet customer requirements. It is expressed as the organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management.
Business success may simply be the extent to which your organization can produce a higher-quality product or service than your competitors are able to do at a competitive price.
When quality is the key to a company’s success, quality management systems allow organizations to keep up with and meet current quality levels, meet the consumer’s requirement for quality, retain employees through competitive compensation programs, and keep up with the latest technology. So no I don’t think John can conduct a proper audit. He’s missing too much important paper work.
What are some of the documentation requirements that John must address on order to develop his quality management system so that they comply with ISO9001? - Quality Manual - The quality manual defines how each requirement of the rather generic ISO 9001:2008 standard is applied at the company. In a sense, the ISO 9001 quality manual is a company specific version of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The requirements for the content of the quality manual are defined in ISO 9001:2008 section 4.2.2.

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