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Case Study#6 - the Social Agency

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Case Study #6 – The Social Agency– “Managing Performance Through Training and Development” – Page 354


1. What information should be collected and from whom should it be collected?
The information that is collected is information based on knowledge, attitude and behavior. The evaluation should be done to see if the trainee’s knowledge has increased due to the training, or if the information provided to them during the training has helped them expand on the knowledge that they already have. In the case of the social agency, the evaluation should look at if the managers were able to learn the key methods of encouraging and supporting the employees. The trainee’s attitude towards the training process and the intended outcome of the training should also be part of the information collected. The evaluation should take into consideration the attitudes of the managers in regards to encouraging employees and if they are able to come up with new ways of encouraging the employees. Finally the behavior of the managers should also be looked at. The evaluation process should look at if the managers are actively participating and implementing what they have learnt in the training to help employees transfer their new skills. Asking the employees to evaluate management support and encouragement is a good way of collecting this information. The managers should be given a self-evaluation as well so that they can compare and identify areas that they may need improvements in. The employee evaluation can be a confidential evaluation and then managers can review it in a follow-up session to identify areas of improvement.

2. Discuss when and how the information should be collected.
The information should be collected 2-3 weeks of the training, once the new system has been implemented. If the evaluation is conducted immediately, then the results may not be as...

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