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Case Study Analysis on an Entrepreneur

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Case Study Analysis on an Entrepreneur and their company strategy.h
Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (ENTE 1521)
Rebecca Jade Inglis
Thursday – 14:00 – 15:00
David Stringer

ENTE 1521 ASSIGNMENT 1 Criteria 2014/15

TITLE: Case Study Analysis on an Entrepreneur and their company strategy

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Please note: You will LOSE 5% if you do not include this criteria sheet CRITERIA | ANY COMMENTS | MARK | Executive Summary. 5% | | | Company Profiles 20% | | | Entrepreneurs Profiles, and how did they set up.Evidence of research25% | | | Personality Trait Analysis.Evidence of research30% | | | Management Behaviours 10% | | | 7. Correct format as outlined in module guide; eg correct referencing, free from errors etc………………10% | | | Less Penalties TOTAL MARKS | |

Executive Summary
This report has looked at Michelle Mone’s timeline of life showing how she has grown in successfulness and wealth from being brought up in a poor and troubled family and being raised with very little to blossoming into a victorious entrepreneur who is now worth millions of pounds. This report has shown how Michelle Mone’s personality links in with the ‘Big Five Personality Traits’ showing supporting examples of the relationship between Michelle and these entrepreneurial traits. The research which I have conducted has shown that Michelle does in fact link in very closely with all five traits and has done from an early age. This contributes to the argument of whether entrepreneurs are born or made suggesting that Michelle was a born entrepreneur. It has also identified ways in which Michelle Mone demonstrates what is seen as the classic DNA of an entrepreneur and how this DNA has built up...

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