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CASE FRAMEWORK for Charles Sends an Email | Requirement | Your Mark | Out of | Instructor Comment | 1. What is the problem? What was Foster’s intention in sending the email?Answer: Foster’s problem was the unavailability of the new drive XD19 which was having good momentum. His intention in sending the email was to stock the inventory as soon as possible and to resolve the safety issues concerned with the new drive. | | 3 | | 2. Who cares about the problem? How did each recipient interpret the email?Answer: The primary person who cared about the problem was Charles Foster (Sales manager) and the secondary people who were related to the problem were Richard Howe (Vice-president of sales), Maurice LeBlanc (Head of SBU) and Ahmad Hassan (President of JV). Richard understood that there is limited stock so he wanted JV to expedite the manufacturing process as they were losing orders because of stock unavailability. Maurice thought that the US office is only concerned about the safety issues and they believe that JV doesn’t follow the same safety standards as US does. Ahmad thought that Foster is spoiling his business by saying so many negative things in an email to his boss. | | 1 | | 3. How did the problem come about? Provide some background. What cultural assumptions underlie Foster’s email and the phone call and email from Hassan?
Answer: The problem arises from the forecast made by the marketing and manufacturing team. The manufacturing team doesn’t believe the forecast made by marketing team and makes their own based on run-rates and then ends up shipping even less than that. This creates inventory shortage for the sales company. Foster’s email shows that he thinks that JV doesn’t consider safety in the same way as the US does and they produce the product which can be used outside US also. Hassan’s phone call showed that he got offended by the email which Foster sent to the boss. Hassan thought that Foster is just complaining about his business as he didn’t see that Foster was just concerned about the sales and the value of the product. | | 1 | | 4. What are the opportunities for solving the problem? How should Foster respond to Hassan?
Answer: Foster should explain to Hassan that he didn’t want to highlight his business by saying negative things. His concerns are related to the inventory as they will lose the business because of the competition and the safety of the new drive as currently the drives has many bugs which will take time to get resolved. | | 1 | | 5. What are the requirements or criteria that need to be considered when trying to find a solution?
Answer: The following should be taken into consideration: a) The problem should be stated in such a way that highlights the concerns properly and in detail. It should not be directed towards a person or negative words should be avoided b) The problem email should be sent to the right person and the receiver should not send the email as attachment as the suppliers might get offended. | | 1 | | 6. List three possible solutions, including advantages and disadvantages of each option.Answer:1) The email which is sent to you should not be forwarded as it is because it was written for you. The advantage of this solution is that the other person who receives the information will not make a negative impression of the person and will understand the importance of the issue. The disadvantage of this is that the first sender will lose the trust as his email is being distributed which affects the relationship.2) The managers should understand the diversity and the culture of the company they are dealing with it. The advantage is that when they know you respect their culture, they will keep the relation healthy. The disadvantage is that business lose value if hurt the values or culture of your business partners.3) When the problem is stated, it should not be ambiguous. The advantage of stating the problem clearly will give you expected results and on time. The disadvantage is that your problem might still exist and will need more resources to get it solved and this affects business. | | 2 | | 7. What would you recommend?
Answer:I would recommend that you should have proper knowledge of the organization you are dealing with. All the STEEPLE factors should be considered before taking the business decisions and the problem should be taken to the right audience. | | 1 | | 8. Readability, presentation, grammar, spelling, flow. | | 2 | | 9. What theories apply to this case? Why?
Answer: The theory of global leadership applies to this case because the organizations involved in this are located geographically and the there is a huge difference in the culture. When your business partners are located in different country, they should have a global mindset to understand the complexity, the communication, ethical and cultural values, and business system. The theory of cultural intelligence also applies to this case as this empower people to make right decisions and prioritize the work with accepted business norms. | | 3 | | 10. Total | | [ 15 ] | |

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