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Case Study Comparisons

Shelly Collins


April 25, 2015

Humana Health Care has different coverage options and plans to choose from. For example there is Coverage First, HMO, High Deductible Health Plan, Humana Classic, and Humana Simplicity. Humana Simplicity is a co-payment only plan, no deductible will need to be paid. Humana also offers a variety of products and services with their coverage plans, including a prescription drug plan (Humana Health Insurance, Medicare, & Dental Insurance, 2015). This female is an 80 year old widow, and takes several medications for chronic health conditions that must be monitored daily. It is important to find an affordable plan that fits her needs.
For this individual there are two plans that she could choose from that would fit her needs. Humana has an Individual plan and a Medicare plan. The Individual plan includes medical, prescription drug coverage, and discounted dental and vision plans (Humana Health Insurance, Medicare, & Dental Insurance 2015). The Humana Medicare Advantage Plan probably makes the most since. The Medicare Advantage Plan offers more benefits, both medical and drug coverage are combined into one, and at no cost it includes a wellness program (Humana Health Insurance, Medicare, & Dental Insurance, 2015).
Humana also offers extra support from other sources. For example, if there is a need for more care such as in the home, there is At Home Service Care. Humana has a program known as Senior Bridge. The At Home Services include daily visits from nurses to monitor medication intake, vitals and overall health. Most of the At Home Services provided by Humana are an added benefit with no cost involved (Humana Health Insurance, Medicare, & Dental Insurance, 2015).

Humana Health…...

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