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Nursing 106 Spring 2016
Maternal Child Case Study
All questions apply to this case study. You may type or clearly write this assignment. It must be legible. Responses to questions must be in your own words.

M.H. is a three year old boy with cerebral palsy (CP) who has been admitted to your unit preoperatively. He will have surgery for a femoral osteotomy and tendon lengthening to stabilize hip joints and to help reduce spasticity. You are orienting the parents to the unit and have a nursing student assisting you.

1. After getting the family settled, you return to the nursing station, and the nursing student asks you to explain CP and what might have caused cerebral palsy. How would you answer the student’s question? 2. The nursing student asks what the family might have noticed that would indicate CP in M.H. when he was a baby. Which of these findings will you include in your discussion with student? (Select all that apply and state rationale) a. Head lag at 5 months b. Able to sit unassisted at 7 months c. Positive Moro (startle) reflex at 2 months d. Leg scissoring e. Right hand preference at 12 months f. Use of pincher grasp at 9 months g. Increased irritability

Case Study Progress
You and the nursing student finish a health history with the family and determine that M.H. has impaired vision (wears glasses), speech impairment, seizure disorder, and has had poor weight gain and feeding issues since birth. He has a skin-level feeding device (Mic-Key button). He is not able to ambulate without braces and wears AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics). He receives physical therapy on an outpatient basis. M.H. is verbal and able to communicate age appropriately. M.H weighs 12 kg.

3. The admitting physician orders the following. Explain the rationale for each order.
Baclofen (Lioresal) 5 mg every TID...

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