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Case Study: Deputy Oberle

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On 11/27/15, Deputy Oberle responded to 6 Sellette Ct. in reference to a breaking or entering report. Deputy Oberle made contact with the victim, Sarah Odle, who stated her purse along with several items inside had been stolen from the inside of her car overnight. Odle stated among those items stolen was a Regions debit card (ending in 0065). Odle stated that Regions bank showed four separate transactions fraudulently charged. The transactions are as follow: $10.85 at Underground Journey in McCain Mall, $184.43 at Underground Journey in McCain Mall, and $32.54 at Dillard’s Clothing store totaling $455.13 in merchandise. Investigator Purifoy made contact with the Underground Journey store cashier, Keunti Brown, which was working the time of

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