Case Study for Fast Food

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Luis Castillo
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Case Study Fast Food
1. Discuss the benefits of the law in France that would require fast-food companies to include a health message or pay 1.5% tax on their ad budgets. Will it be effective? What should a company like McDonald’s do when advertising in France?
This is a great strategy leading these huge companies to provide a healthier product or support healthy food meanwhile their product is non-healthy fast food. Personally I think is effective for the society and for the fast-food companies because if the companies are taking this actions it will let the people know that they are aware of the health of the consumers providing them with choices for eating healthier meals not leaving behind the non-healthy one. These type of actions may affect the budget of each organization when they first start but after a while it would be just another payable tax, if it is a lucrative and well know company it would not be a problem like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and many others.
2. If there is no evidence that obesity rates are falling despite restricting and banning food ads children, should food companies take legal action against such laws?
This question can be any of both ways depending the person and its knowledge about the topic. Personally talking from a business perspective companies that are being affected should take legal action to all of these laws that are being imposed to them. Because these companies are not forcing the consumers to buy the product, they just try to attract them and make them feel there is a need of buying the product but they are not forcing them to purchase it. So In a Business perspective I say they should take legal action of it. From an influential health advocate perspective they should keep following the rules that have being imposed and pay for their actions…...