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Case Study - It Horror Disaster

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CASE PREPARATION CHART Student Name | LOO LIAN VEE | Student ID | 1112700203 | Submission date | 20 APRIL 2016 | Case title | THE GREAT IT HORROR STORY | Section | AC 02 |



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Components | Scores | Scores | | 1 mark | 2 marks | 3 marks | 4 marks | | Completeness of case chart | Case chart is incomplete | Some of the case chart requirements are met satisfactorily. | Most of the case chart requirements are met satisfactorily. | All case chart requirements is met satisfactorily. | | Submission | On-time submission | N/A | N/A | N/A | | TOTAL | |


This story of Craven Books tells us about how a computer project, an IT implementation drove one company almost to bankruptcy. Craven Books is a distributor of comics and magazines, and books. The company was founded in 1960 by Peter Craven as he started to distribute sci-fi and horror books through direct mail. In 1970s, the business began well known in the marketplace by buying comics in bulk from both the American publishers and the second hand comic market and sell this on their customers in the United Kingdom by using a mail order catalogue.

In the 1990s, the company was at the peak of it success and was looking to expand their business; to do so, it was decided the company should have an efficient distribution system, and that’s why Craven Books invest in new integrated information systems that will include all business operations of the company, from ordering, to processing, accounting and warehousing. All in one information system which aims to ensure that they will provide better quality service to their customers and to make their logistics be more dependable. However, upon implementation of such project, the company's expectation...

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