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Case Study Lindlahr's Three Primary Causes Of Disease

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PART A: CASE ANALYSIS (30 MARKS): Case report:
50 year old woman lives alone but has several very close friends that she spends time with. Her spiritual life is extremely important to her; she listens to church services regularly on the internet, as well as reading many religiously oriented books and engaging in twice daily prayer.
6 months ago and has not been working BP is lower, her bowel movements are more regular when she is taking the magnesium for her blood pressure, a strong desire to get past it., She takes a walk outdoors four times each week, walking, usually about 30 minutes
1. Consider Lindlahr’s Three Primary Causes of Disease as they relate to this patient. For each of the three causes, discuss particular aspects of this patient’s
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Your initial treatments did not directly address the potential parasites in this patient’s stool. Discuss one primary reason why this was not addressed in your initial recommendations. (5 marks) 200words
Naturopathic remedies contrasts from conventional medical models [Allopathic], Natural medicine prescribes to the philosophies that we must do no harm, treat the whole person, prevent disease, as natural health practitioner - must be a teacher and a role model to our patient, support the body, treat the origin of disease, that been the therapeutic Order.
The therapeutic order governs the method of therapy by a natural health practitioner, in other words we must manage treatments that insist on minimum intervention, the body is supported naturally, through the curative power of nature, sustaining the organ system, managing symptoms naturally, establishing a healthy lifestyle foundation, that will combat and eliminate bacterial parasites, and will prevent re-occurrence of the same disease activity.
4. Discuss three aspects of this patient’s health and personal history that have most likely led to the chronic disease state that she is experiencing. (6 marks)
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The vitality of the system is insufficient to mount a sufficient reaction and this can be observe
In the patients case study as follows: gastrointestinal disease, digestive issues, constipation, abdominal discomfort, at times she can feel bloated, severe lethargy, does not have the vigour, severe energy drop at 4-5pm, unpredictable energy drops during the day, awakening every night at 2am, and often has difficulty getting back to sleep, she explains that she feels tired, weak, fragile, sensitive and in

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