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Make Green Delicious: Sustainability at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens
Section: A

A. -------------------------------------------------
Introduction/Statement of the problem:
JKK wants to keep all of its resources local. Jamie Kennedy, the owner, has to determine if the corporation will still be able to maintain attractive profit margins while keeping all of its resources used for wine and food local. The company must also be able to remain competitive in an environment with a continuously growing amount of local competitors.
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One of the main difficulties is keeping resources local. This causes many problems for a Canadian based company because the drastic changes in seasons will limit the growing season. During the summer months Jamie has all the resources he needs but during the winter he will need to store the rest to preserve it for the winter months, which is timely and costly. Importing from companies in the south provides a wider array of resources, as well as the ability to have fresh produce year round.

C. -------------------------------------------------
One alternative is to continue his current operations and remain local. An alternative solution would be to expand and use non local sources of food during the winter months. Another possibility would be to relocate his company in a geographic location that allows his to have resources that are always fresh year round.

D. -------------------------------------------------
I would recommend expanding and using alternative sources for food. This will allow him to obtain resources at a lower…...