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09th April, 2003

Budget for Porcelain Formers

Size Supplier Price Qty Total

8 HT 16.35 180 2943
7 HT 16.35 120 1962
9 GBH 12.79 500 6395 Freight Charges 400

Total $ 11,700

Approved by:_________________ S. M. Salman GM Gloves Division

13th June, 2003

Budget for Aluminium Coated PTFE Formers

Size Supplier Price Qty Total

XL Hanyang USD88 36Pairs 3168 Freight Charges 400

Total $ 3,568

Approved by:_________________ S. M. Salman GM Gloves Division

Noted: The last price of above formers in Aug-2002 was USD80/pair, we have kept 10% provision for increase in price.

22nd July, 2003

PVC Pigment

Supplier Price Qty Total

West USD88 36Pairs 3168 Freight Charges 400

Total $ 3,568

Approved by:_________________ S. M. Salman GM Gloves Division

Noted: The last price of above formers in Aug-2002 was USD80/pair, we have kept 10% provision for increase in price.

27th June, 2003

Approval for Acrylic/ Wool Yarn as follows:

Description Supplier Qty Price Amount

(Kgs) (USD)

1/15 DMM 70/30 Acrylic/ Wool Yarn P.T. Kahatex 1400kgs $5.60 7840.00
Color: Yellow
Dyed on cone

2/32 NM 70/30 Acrylic/ Wool Yarn P.T. Kahatex 1000kgs $5.80 5800.00
Color: Yellow
Dyed on cone Approx. Air Freight Charges @$1.80/kg 4320.00 -----------

Total USD 17960.00


Approved by:_________________ S. M. Salman GM Gloves Division

Noted: The above…...

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