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Case Study of Treadway Tire Company

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Propose a strategic HR action plan for Ashley Wall with justifications for your recommendations.
From the case, the foremen are lack of support, guidance and tools to work with. Also, the company were facing a budget problem that they could not to establish a formal training program (Skinner & Beckham, 2008). Communication is also a severe problem for the company. The foremen seem to have no opportunity to express their ideas and feelings. Based on these problems, the strategic HR action plan is as followed:
1. Introduction of training or mentoring programs
Many foremen think that they are not fully prepared for the job. The company did not provide the foremen with necessary support and guidance. Therefore, there is a need to establish an on-job-training. This training program can make the foremen feel more confident when they perform the job. The training program should cover required skills, problem solving and conflicts management. For newly appointed foremen, especially the graduates from college, the training program will help them understand the required skills and routine work.
2. Technological innovation
From the case, the duties of foremen includes scheduling hourly workers, approving vacation requests, checking time sheets, and solving payroll issues (Skinner & Beckham, 2008). The introduction of technology will reduce foremen’s efforts and operating cost.
3. Setting common objectives and instituting regular meetings
The foremen should set specific and tangible goals with hourly workers for an explicit time period. In addition, the top management should also set goals with the foremen. More people participating in the goal setting ensure that the goals are attainable. This will also ensure that the foremen are not overburdened by heavy tasks. Regular meetings will provide an opportunity for salaried workforce and representatives from each...

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