Case Study on Marketing of Cisco Systems

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Branding and marketing are important concepts for any business. This case study will explore the Cisco marketing case study in the Kotler and Keller, 2012 Marketing Management textbook. First off, the study will explore the differences between building a brand in a business to business context versus building a brand in a consumer market. Furthermore, the study will also explore if Cisco's plan to reach out to consumers is a viable one. First off, branding in a business to business application has some notable differences over the consumer market.

Cisco had to utilize some ingenious methods of branding during the marketing of its routing and networking products. Cisco's original product line was made for sale to other businesses for use in the internet connectivity market. For Cisco to develop their brand, they had to develop a totally different approach than ones utilized in the consumer market. They had to specificity market their product to the companies who were operating data centers and server farms. In this type of industry, often good brands are developed by targeting specific types of consumers and in this case it was computer scientist and information technology experts. This can be accomplished in several ways. One method is essentially setting up sales meetings with potential information technology customers. Theses meetings can be utilized to get the brand name out there and possibly show off the superiority of the networking product. Additionally, targeted advertising is also needed to market this type of product. Advertising in technology based magazines and online networking forums would be another marking scheme for a networking technology company to help brand their product to companies with this type of specific interest. Additionally, in this type of businesses to businesses marketing application, possibly the best method of branding by…...