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Formally designed Commercial Department has been renamed as “Supply Chain Management” (SCM) in Mid July 2007. When only one Manager was guiding as Head of the Department but there was no gap for monitoring the officers’ activities. SCM started its journey with wider functions as a result it would divide into two folds –

Local Purchase

International Trade

Manager for the new section take responsibility to supervise activities more effectively and efficiently. Number of potential individuals have joined in SCM who are doing there jobs with total satisfaction. DGM is guiding works of both the sections and Executive Director (Admin) is monitoring & advising overall activities monitoring. SCM has recently generated new SOP considering present work volume and business environment. And DGM is getting to the point all out support and cooperation of Manager – International Trade and Manager – Local Purchase. Presently about 42 people are working in SCM.

SCM is the integrated part of some major objectives which are involved some functions and activities include cost-saving strategy, forecasting, purchasing, inventory management, information management, quality assurance, perfect scheduling, timely delivery, and vendors satisfaction.

SCM of all Organizations deals with supply on the basis of demand. The higher the demand, the higher the supply…...

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...: Submission of the Report. Dear Madam, Here is the Report on Performance of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd based on the year 2006-2007 Which we the group members studied. We have tried our best to prepare the report in consistence with the optimal standard under your valuable direction. We would be very grateful if you accept our report modestly as it may suffer from some shortcomings. We desired and endeavored to make this paper a complete one. Therefore, we hope that this will meet the standard of your judgment. Thank you again for your heartiest co-operation. Sincerely yours Group No – 05 Section – 01 Course Code – Bus 104 Course Title – Introduction to Finance ULAB School of Business University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh Dated: December 9th, 2007 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No Introduction • Preface • Objectives of the Study • Methodology • Limitation of the Study Corporate Review • Corporate History • Mission & vision • Ten Principles • Management Apparatus...

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.... SCM is the integrated part of some major objectives which are involved some functions and activities include cost-saving strategy, forecasting, purchasing, inventory management, information management, quality assurance, perfect scheduling, timely delivery, and vendors satisfaction. SCM of all Organizations deals with supply on the basis of demand. The higher the demand, the higher the supply activities are. 1.2 Why Supply Chain management is needed? A number of factors made it desirable for Square Pharmaceuticals to manage SCM actively. Major factors are: Need to improve operational activities Need to increase the level of outsourcing Need to manage inventories more effectively Ensure to meet up demand in time Decrease transportation cost & supply risk Above factors help SCM to be effective include lower cost, lower inventories, higher productivity, shorter lead time, higher profits and greater customer loyalty. 1.3 Requirement for a successful Successful SCM required trust among the team members, effective communication, Supply Chain visibility, event management capability, problem solving power, leading power, and performance merits. Trust: It is essential in every manufacturing organization SCM to build trust among each other, and feel confident, will take such decisions that would make ultimate benefit. Effective communication: Effective SCM requires integrated technology and standardized ways and means of communicating among......

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... be rise in cost of production, administrative cost, financial cost etc. * The liquidity position of the company is satisfactory. The company’s current ratio and quick ratio is in a fluctuating trend, but the ratio remains good on year 2013. The liquidity ratios show that they have very alarming condition for meeting the outside liabilities from their current assets. * Gearing is the ability of a company to increase the Earning Per share (EPS) by using debt capital. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is using more equity capital than the long-term debt capital but it is bad sign that the debt is decreasing from year to year, in terms of leverage ratio. * Efficiency ratios are impressive in case of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Analysis indicates that the credit management policy of SPL is satisfactory and inventory turnover indicates the increase of net income of the firm. * The Price Earning Ratio of the industry indicates that how much the invested is ready to offer against EPS. The market measure position of SPL is unsatisfactory due to decreasing price earning ratio. Question# 4 A description of the movement in each of the ratios for Square and an explanation of what this movement tells you about Square: Current Ratio: The ratio is mainly used to give an idea of the company's ability to pay back its short-term liabilities (debt and payables) with its short-term assets (cash, inventory, receivables). The higher the current ratio, the more capable the company is...

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...1. Origin of the report Our honorable course instructor Afreen Choudhury has assigned us to prepare a term paper on job analysis (job description and job specification), forecast the required number of applicants, select the appropriate sources of candidates, choose the relevant test method, organize the questionnaire for interview, set strategic pay plan and benefits and Services (Safety and Health) for a particular job post with the help of supervisor and HR manager of any company. We have chosen Square Pharmaceutical Ltd and the job post on which we have prepared our report is Medical Promotion Officer. We visited Square Pharmaceuticals Limited. There we appointed with Mr. Younus Ali (Sr. Manager, HRD) and Mr. Tamim Ahsan( Territory officer in Dhaka region). They were very cordial and helpful to us share their experience and provide the required information as they can provide within the policy. We asked them different relevant questions and information to provide. 1.1. Profile of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Corporate Headquarters | : SQUARE CENTRE 48, Mohakhali Commercial Area Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh | Factory | : Shalgaria, PabnaTown, Pabna | Established | :1958 | Constitution | : Public Ltd Company | Founder Chairman | : Mr. Samson H Chowdhury | Chairman | : Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury | Managing Director | : Mr. Tapan Chowdhury | Details of Business | : 1. Pharmaceuticals Products 2. Bulk Chemicals 3. AgroVet Products | Manufacturing Units | :1...

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