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Pfeiffer Extension FAQs

1. Is Greek life only part of the collegiate experience?

Membership in a Greek-letter organization is for a lifetime. The experience provides opportunities for friendship and connections as well as personal and professional growth. Even after graduation, many alumni continue to be involved by joining local alumni associations and/or volunteering for their inter/national organizations.

2. What are the benefits of joining a Greek-letter organization?

Membership in a Greek-letter organization provides a number of different opportunities, including the ability to connect and share common interests, develop leadership skills, gain academic support, and serve others and the community.

First and foremost, organizations …show more content…
So if Greek life does come to Pfeiffer University, what are the next steps?

If there's enough interest among students to bring Greek life on campus, Kappa Kappa Gamma will begin the process of finding members to join the organization. Kappa representatives will host informational events around campus so students can learn specifically about the organization and decide if it is the right fit for them.

Then, representatives may conduct follow-up, one-on-one conversations with interested students. If both the organization and the individual feel like it's a good fit, the individual will be offered a bid to membership. All of this would take place this fall semester. The new chapter would officially be up and running before the end of the semester.

13. How do you promote connections and friendship within chapters?

Typically, these friendships and connections start at chapter meetings. Most chapters hold chapter meetings once per week for all members to get together, catch up, and conduct chapter business. Additionally, other events may be planned in an effort to bring everyone together and build a strong support system. Examples of planned events include baking or cooking a meal, celebrating birthdays, or having a movie …show more content…
What about philanthropy and community service in Greek life?

Philanthropy and service to the community is part of the values and mission of most Greek-letter organizations. Each group has a philanthropic cause it supports locally and nationally. Causes vary from literacy and getting children access to reading materials to breast cancer awareness and fighting hunger. Greek-letter organizations are known for their charitable work.

23. Why do you think Greek life would be beneficial for Pfeiffer University?

Ron Laffitte, Vice President for Student Affairs, President Colleen Keith and other members of Pfeiffer University’s administration feel that students would enjoy and benefit from Greek life because of the opportunities for friendships, connections, support systems, service to the larger community through philanthropic efforts, and support for academic endeavors.

24. What academic support is available through Greek-letter organizations?

Excellence in academics is an important part of the mission and values of most Greek-letter organizations. The support may look a little different from organization to organization. However, most provide a support system as well as tools to help set members up for

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