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Case Study Philadelphia Phillies

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Philadelphia Phillies: Managing product and branding in its Competitive Enviroment.
Kristopher L. Tilley
Empire State College

Philadelphia Phillies was founded in 1883; the team is today the oldest, one-name and one city franchise in all professional sports. Al Reach, a professional baseball player becomes the first owner along with attorney John Rogers; the team’s name “Phillies” (due to its geographical roots in Philly) was Reach decision. In 1901, after losing several games and some of their best players, the team is sold for first time. The Phillies has the second-longest streak of consecutive losing seasons in American professional sports, sixteen straight from 1933 to 1948.The franchise has won two World Series championships (against Kansas City in 1980, Tampa Bay in 2008), and seven National League pennants. Phillies had own five different home stadiums. The most recent one have a fan-friendly design and is part of their complex marketing strategy to increase revenue and happy customers. In 2013 Forbes ranked the Phillies #41team in the World’s most valuable Sports Team. The franchise is estimated to be worth $893 million. But, how does a sport team keep increasing its revenue during bad seasons? The Phillies not only represent a changeable and unpredictable “product/brand” but also compete in a market with many other substitutes that may take away fun attention, support and possible sponsorships. In this case study, we would analyze the team’s market, and its complex segmented target. Marketing concepts would be applied to establish possible solutions to a team which major problem is the fact that they are marketing a team/brand that its owners “Unfortunately can’t promise fans in the stands a win every game.”

The Phillies as any other sport team have a major challenge, their own product/brand offered. Marketing and advertising a sport...

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