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Case Study Roll's Royce Corporation

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Rolls-Royce Corporation is more than just an automobile known name. They have ventured into the market of aerospace, marine, & power companies. Right now they have focused attention to the airlines for engines and jets. This is a big market for this company. Question 1: who are Roll’s principal project management stakeholders? General
Electric and Pratt & Whitney (owned by United Technologies). These 2 major companies have cornered the market for commercial and defense-related contracts.
How would you design stakeholder management strategies to address their concerns?
Their biggest issue is getting big contracts that help them be more profable. The only way this can be done is to market every industry. So far what they have done has made all three very successful. I believe if they keep the parts to a minimum they won’t lose much in revenue. Question 2: What are the benefits and drawbacks in such an arrangement?
The demand for engines is very high and in demand. Biggest issue I see is making deals with countries that are not fully financial stable. For example, they made a deal with Turkey and some of the payment was several tons of pistachios. Now granted they did a trade but issue is now Roll’s has to then sell them in order to get cash flow so they can build more engines. I don’t think it’s smart business to trade goods for engines.
You won’t see the profit right away and that’s bad business.
To read up more on all their current operations go to the following link.

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