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Case Study - Selection Process

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1) What impact do you think resume tools are having on HR departments?
I think the impact resume tools are having in HR departments is be a more streamline and automated process. This will alleviate having a person or team screen resumes manually, saving both money and time for the organization.
Having a resume tool in place will allow the organization to make a better decision in selecting a candidate that meets or exceeds the job qualifications.
2) What competitive advantages do you see in using online screening tools to screen applicants?
Online recruitment is now a standard part of most people's job hunting no matter what level or age. The advantages of online recruitment are:
Cost effective-Putting a job vacancy on your own company website costs you nothing while putting one on a job board usually only costs a couple of hundred dollars. When you consider that a recruitment consultant fee for a candidate could be mean a heavy overhead expense, and that advertising in a national newspaper can cost thousands, you can immediately see the cost savings possible with online recruitment.
Online recruitment is easy and fair- posting a job on your own site is simple. Most job sites and various databases are very user-friendly and you don't need to have an in-depth knowledge of IT to post a vacancy advertisement. Also, online screening is totally job based and fair to all people with equal skills. This will help to avoid any EEO accusation or assumptions, thus protecting the company from violating a candidate EEO rights.
3) Do you see any drawbacks associated with them, and if so, how might they be addressed?
Online recruitment is now a standard part of the recruitment process for many companies and it helps reach a wider array of candidates. However, employers must be mindful of the downfalls associated with this trend, which are as follows:...

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