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Case Study: The Salvation Army

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Levitt (2011) stated, “The chief executive must set the company’s style, direction, and its goals. This means knowing precisely where he or she wants to go and making sure the whole organization is enthusiastically aware of where that is” (p. 180). As a standalone corps, I am the chief executive for The Salvation Army in Laredo, Texas. There is oversight from our Divisional Headquarters, but for the most part I am left alone to fulfill the mission of The Salvation Army here. Therefore, I am responsible for understanding where we want to go as an organization with this new endeavor of building a new Corps/Community Center/Shelter; and communicating perfectly to everyone within the organization so that they are of the chartered course. It is crucial at this juncture to have done ones due diligence, in order, to be successful. …show more content…

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