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Case Study (Wipro Technologies Europe a)

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Case study 1. The Background of the Case
Wipro technologies are a company focused on the software and information technology service division as a part of the Wipro group whose header quarter located in Bangalore, India (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). Nandy as the director of Sales and Marketing in Europe started the European operation in London as the headerquarter for Western Eurpoe and he was an Indian with the Indian and American working experiences (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). As a global company, Wipro’s European sales, marketing and project management staff were exclusively Indian expatriates with a short time in Europe (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). These staffs couldn’t build good relationships with the local communities compared with its competitors (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). So Nandy took some measures to deal with these issues such as the Unreasonable staff structure and inadequate relation network.

2. The Analysis of some measures adopt by Nandy from three perspective of three culture framework
This part will analyze the measures applied by Nandy from three perspectives of Hofstede cultural dimensions and Hall cultural dimensions in order to evaluate whether these measures are effective.

3.1 Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
Hofstede cultural dimensions mainly consist of five aspects containing Power distance, Uncertainty avoidance, Femininity vs. masculinity, Individualism vs. collectivism and Confucianism vs. long-term orientation (Dowling, Festing & Engle, 2013).

First, in the power distance Indian is a country with higher power distance compared with the America and Western countries (Hamza, Reza, Gholam & Meghdad, 2011). In this part Nandy hired the local people engaged into the Europe in order to make the team easily communicate with the European consumers and lower the power distance...

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