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Case Analysis
San Miguel Corporation

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Table of Contents
I. Time Context
II. Viewpoint
III. Statement of the Problem
IV. Objectives
a. Must objectives / Short – Range
b. Want objectives / Long – Range
V. Areas of Consideration / Analysis
VI. Alternative Courses of Action
VII. Recommendation
VIII. Conclusion / Detailed Action or Implementation Plan

Time Context
San Miguel Corporation is the largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company in the Philippines. It has been in the industry since 1890 being founded by Don Enrique Maria Baretto. Since then, the SMC ensure that its strategy, organizational structure and processes, and external relationships were adequate to confront the expected threats and to capitalize on the opportunities facing it domestically and internationally. By 2005, San Miguel Corporation, a Philippines' based beverages and food products manufacturer, is one of the top 20 brewers in the world and I found that by that time there’s a problem or threat that many competitors are now competing by the corporation, as soon as possible by the year 2012 that case or problem must be solve. But there is another—and equally important—issue that its new leadership must confront and address: cleaning up its reputation and addressing head-on the issue that its critics shout in protest rallies or whisper in cocktail parties. It can thus be even better than it is now, and the change in command from Cojuangco to Ang presents it with a rare “tabula rasa” situation in which it can rewrite its history. The prospect is not impossible. Even conglomerates like Hong Kong’s Jardine Matheson, which had its roots in the opium trade, managed to retool itself into a respected corporate member of the former…...