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Case Summary Malincho

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| Malincho Case | Assignment #1 | | Donna Fung - 647 628 8787Estella Kuate - 647 520 3300Estefania Tellez Martinez Melissa Toth | 1/23/2013 |

Professor Byron Tobar |

Table of Contents The Main Issue 2 Organization’s current mission, goals and strategies 2 SWOT analysis 3 Brainstorm Solutions 4 Select Solution 5 Develop an Action Plan & Implementation 5 Evaluate Results 5

The Main Issue The main issue of the case is that there is a requirement to obtain more funding to finance the company’s future endeavors and repay debts.

Organization’s current mission, goals and strategies
The mission of is to provide quality products to consumers while developing lasting and trusting relationships.

GOALS (OBJECTIVES) * To maintain a professional image (to be perceived as highly successful) * To have profit * To continue the extension of Malincho resulting in reduction of debt * Expansion of company to hire employees and create a storefront * To gain consumer’s trust * To provide quality products for a low price

STRATEGIES- 1.1. CORPORATE STRATEGY- Importing of European food products with the intent of resale. 1.2.1. Growth- To open a storefront while maintaining the internet sales, and hiring employees. 1.2.2. Stability- Use trust based business to secure longevity of consumers 1.2.3. Renewal- To assess situation as it progresses, and make adjustments as necessary
(i.e. switch back to cash based sales.) Retrenchment- Retrenchment strategy was not presented in the case. Turnaround- Add additional products to online stock to drive addition sales. Implementing online cash sales for weary consumers.

1.2. BUSINESS STRATEGY 1.3.4. Focus Strategy- Malincho is...

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