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Cash Management Trends

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Cash Management Trends in India
Niraj Vedwa President Head – Global Sales and Marketing Nucleus Software
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This article examines the cash management and payments developments in India, in terms of bank offerings and new corporate best practice.

Traditionally having a paper-based clearing system involving not only high processing cost but security risk, cash management in India has certainly undergone a paradigm change. From a product-centric approach, the focus for almost all banks today has shifted emphatically to the customer. And success is all about bringing the maximum possible delivery channels to the prospect's doorstep. In the rapidly transforming world of business, banking faces its biggest challenge yet - constant change. With every bank seeming to offer service possible, efficiency coupled with innovative value added solutions have emerged as the key business differentiators that affect a bank's bottom line. Confronted with shrinking deposits/margins, rising customer expectations and intensifying competition, banks must at all times strive to be a step ahead of industry standards. At the same time, they cannot lose sight of credit risk, a natural byproduct of the increasingly complex relationships in today's dynamic markets. For some time now, technology has been the key driving force behind every successful bank. In such an environment, the ability to recognise and capture market share depends entirely on the bank's competence to evolve technically and offer the customer a seamless process flow. The objective of a cash management system is to improve revenue, maximise profits, minimise costs and establish efficient management systems to assist and accelerate growth. Today a corporate treasurer's dilemma is multifaceted. With more movement towards the regional/central liquidity management in the complex...

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