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Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Fifth Semester



Competence to be developed in learners:

I. To present orally any topic of the student’s interest to the rest of the class without the assistance of media or any other aid (only talk) for at least 10 minutes creating interest in the listeners and sustaining the interest with a meaningful conclusion.
II. To prepare a study report on any product/service in comparison with another one that is comparable from technical specification to customer satisfaction.
III. To present with the aid of slides (6 to 10) about the study conducted above to the rest of the class in about 10 minutes with the use of print for information and slides for graphs, pictures, images, video and animations etc.

Note to teachers:

• A teacher may guide only 6 to a maximum of ten students per year. This is to ensure active participation of each learner. • All 96 hours need NOT be contact hours by the teacher. Students may be encouraged to do activities on their own with peer group to ensure higher level of participation. • There are ten different tasks to be completed in the course of 96 hours. On completion of each task, record the result and the marks along with the initials of the learner for future reference, inspection and evaluation. • A few activities are suggested under each task. Teachers can improvise on the list and add more activities as they progress from one batch to another. • Students should not be compared with each other; instead they must be compared to the standards given against each task. • The standard suggested is minimum requirement, learners may excel. The services of those who excel may be utilised to guide other learners to reach the suggested minimum. • The tasks 8, 9 and 10 may be evaluated in the presence of the total group so that learners get the benefit of knowing the inferences made by others and even their presentation style.

Details of tasks must be completed:
(One group consists of maximum 6 nos.)
Task 1 – Communication skills (one to one personal communication). 6 hrs. 5 marks. Method of achieving task: Practice in pairs through role play Suggested activities: 1. Telephonic conversation of a customer and supplier. 2. A computer product show room sales person and a customer. 3. Negotiation between marketing representative of a computer firm and a technical representative at a polytechnic

Standards to be met: • Given a telephone number, a student must be able to call and gather information from the person, sustaining the conversation for about 3 min using proper etiquettes and report on the enquiry made about the product or service. [e.g., call a toll free number to ask details about a product or service] • Given a situation, a student must be able to talk to a person face to face in simulation, gather information about a product, discuss about it and also negotiate with him in the specified time (here, time can be specified by the teacher as per the need).

Task 2 – Communication exercise (one to many in simulation) 6 hrs. 5 marks. . Method of achieving task: Student should pick a topic and make presentation Suggested Activities: 1. A very short talk highlighting the features of a branded computer peripheral (Printer, Scanners, Router, Intelligent Switches, etc) 2. A creative advertisement sequence for a consumer product being eco friendly. 3. A debate on increasing the productivity for a software industry. Panel discussion on saving consumption of power in Computer industry

Standards to be met: • Given a brochure, one must be able to study about the product and understand it in 15 min and talk about it to his group highlighting its features and explain it in about 3 min. • A student must be able to identify a topic of interest for debate, initiate the debate and carry it on, dividing the group into two based on different perspectives(e.g., For and against the topic

Task 3 – Listening Skills: 6 hrs. 5 marks. Method of achieving task: Listen to an advertisement and record the message Suggested Activities: 1. View an advertisement of a branded computer product and write down the message behind. 2. Listen to the audio in a promotional CD for about 15 minutes of any chosen product or service. Note down points and discuss among friends. 3. View a downloaded video of an open source product for15 minutes and write down the summary in a paragraph of 20 lines. 4. Listen to a lecture on a computer topic from for about 30 minutes and write a summary in 200 words.

Standards to be met: • Given an audio clip or a visual of an advertisement, one must be able to listen carefully and understand it enabling him to write the message behind it in the specified time (say in about 5 min.). • A student must be able to listen to a lecture or watch a CD for 15 min, noting down the key points and write a summary in 200 words in the next 15 min. Note: Hints taken and the summary must be hand written by the student and documented for evaluation.

Task 4 – Reading skills: 6 hrs. 5 marks. Method of achieving task: Read commercially available literature and make presentation Suggested activities: 1. Read an article from an e-magazine about cloud computing and talk to the rest of the group in about 5 minutes. 2. Read an advertisement of a new released computer product by a company and elaborate its qualities after collecting information from a different source like the company web site and a few customers. 3. Read an article on designing a System (Payroll, ERP, Railway reservation ETC) from the internet and discuss the merits. 4. Read an article on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages from the internet and discuss the merits relevant to industry 5. Read a note on usage of automated material handling system and storage retrieval system from any technical journal and narrate in the class.

Standards to be met: • Given an article from a journal or an advertisement from a magazine, one must be able to comprehend it in 15 to 20 min. Later on read it out to an audience, with proper intonation and elaborate it in the next 10 min. • Given an article from the internet, a student must be able to gather more information from the net about it, understand it and read it out for an audience and narrate it.

Task 5- Writing Skills: 12 hrs. 10 marks. Method of achieving task: Prepare a resume in writing& highlighting the skill sets Suggested activities:

1. Write a resume and a covering letter for three different jobs 1) Wanted skilled technician for a Software Testing industry. 2) Wanted technician who is proficient in Computer Networking for an MNC. 3) Wanted Technician for Networking for a software 2. Write a synopsis for given topics such as Information Storage and retrieval. 3. Write a summary on latest technology in Mobile Computing. 4. Write an essay on any topic related to recent trends in IT for 150 words to 200 words.

Standards to be met: ❖ Given a job advertisement, a student must be able to write a suitable resume and a covering letter in 30 min [Advertisements can be tailor-made by the teacher deliberately to train their students- e.g., two different jobs like a marketing person and an assistant in a Research & Development section and train students to prepare two resume for these jobs highlighting different achievements of the student in co-curricular activities to suit each job] ❖ Given a topic, a student must be able to write a synopsis or summary or an essay in about 150 words in the stipulated time. Note: All these have to be hand written by the learner and documented for evaluation.

Task 6- Knowledge of using Internet: 6 hrs. 5 marks. Method of achieving task: Use the internet and perform the task identified Suggested activities:

1. Creating an e-group with a free internet service provider among friends and act as a moderator in turn among a group of learners. 2. Contacting other related groups from the net and communicating to them exchanging views and ideas. Mobilising a signature campaign on the net for a common cause and redressing it to an authority. 3. Collecting data from net For example 1) Advanced fabrication technologies for IC manufacturing 2) Nanotechnology as applied to electronics 4. Forwarding resumes to different jobs.

Standards to be met: ❖ Given an access to internet, one must be able to create an email ID, send mails, forward simple mails and also mails with attachments including scanned attachments and URL (web addresses for direct link). Also, they must be able to collect data from different websites using internet search engines and forward resumes to different job offering companies. Note: Printouts of the mails, replies received and also the attachments with date and time have to be documented.

Task 7- Oral communication: 12 hrs. 5 marks. Method of achieving task: Conduct group discussion on a specific topic and record the discussions Suggested activities:

1. Debate on current topics like Proprietary OS versus open source. 2. Group discussion on latest developments in web technologies. 3. Discussion on qualities required for an adaptive developer. 4. Debate on role of one proprietary software against another in the field of RDBMS.

Standards to be met: ❖ Given a topic of relevance, they must be able to form groups and discuss/debate on it. Also one must take cue and participate actively in a group discussion . Encourage students to note down the points of discussion and file the points in the portfolio for evaluation.

Task 8- Data analysis: 18 hrs. 10 marks. . Method of achieving task: Collecting actual market data and analysing for meaningful inferences Suggested activities: 1. Collect data for any two products/equipments of two different producers used in software industry which includes technical details, specifications, cost and customer satisfaction. 2. Use appropriate tools and collect data from authentic sources. Depending on the source decide the number of units for collecting the data. 3. Analyse the data with a view to compare the two products/ equipments. 4. Interpret the analysis for meaningful conclusions. 5. Record the whole process for any other person to verify.

Standards to be met: ❖ Given two products/equipments/service, one must collect adequate information from an authentic source for each, like the company website or the printed brochure and record the specifications. ❖ The maintenance of quality of the product/service needs to be studied from personnel working at different levels in the company(3 -5 in number) for each product/service. A set of questions needs to be prepared for collecting data. The same questionnaire has to be used for collecting data from the personnel mentioned above. ❖ One must compare the two products for all the parameters based on the specifications. Also, a market survey has to be done preparing a printed questionnaire of around 5 questions and collecting responses from 20 customers. Then, analyse the data, compare them and interpret the analysis for meaningful conclusions. Note: This being a comprehensive task may require few weeks to finish. The data collected and the analysis carried out need to be documented.

Task 9-Presentation Skills: 12 hrs. 10 marks. Method of achieving task: Present the data collected and analysed in Task 8 to group of students. Student should present the report of the activities conducted under Task 8 for about 10 minutes supported by few slides (6 to 10) of pictures, graphs, images etc. The text material if any may be printed and given to the audience. Discourage students from using text material in slides.

Standards to be met: ❖ One must present the analysis done in task 8 using slides with pictures, graphs, images etc in 10 min. The first slide may contain text only as per need but other slides should preferably have pictures and images. Usage of graphs for comparison and analysis is preferred. Text materials have to be given as handouts to the audience.

Task-10- Pick & Speak:(Technical ) 12 hrs. 5 marks. Method of achieving task: Pick and speak on any topic at spot Suggested activities: Pick a topic from a lot and student should be allowed to speak for the duration of 2 to 3 minutes without the aid of any other media.

Standards to be met: ❖ One must be able to talk extempore for 2 min on any topic picked randomly from the lot, given a time of two minutes for organising his/her thoughts. The topics can be kept simple and general (current events of interest like cricket or tsunami). It must be totally an oral activity without the aid of any other media.

Suggested topics for presentation, discussion, and written & other skill development ➢ GRID computing ➢ Cloud computing ➢ Ubiquitous computing ➢ Semantic web mining ➢ Service Oriented Architecture ➢ Object Oriented Design and Modelling ➢ FOSS ➢ Pattern recognition & Image processing ➢ 3G & 4G ➢ Embedded systems ➢ Reverse software Engineering ➢ WLAN ➢ WCDMA ➢ IPHONE-5G ➢ Blue-ray technology ➢ RTOS ➢ AJAX ➢ IPOD ➢ PYTHON ➢ PERL ➢ Software Quality Assurance ➢ SOAP ➢ Neural Networks ➢ Artificial intelligence ➢ Expert systems ➢ Data mining ➢ SAP ➢ .NET Applications ➢ Computer graphics ➢ Fuzzy logic ➢ Data compression techniques ➢ Hi speed data networks ➢ Wi-Fi ➢ VOIP ➢ Temporal databases ➢ Spatial databases ➢ Any Other related new technologies

|Sl.No. |Date |Task |Progress of Task |Initials of staff in charge and the student |Evaluation |
| | | | | |(as suggested in each task) |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |

Signature of Guide Signature of HOD

❖ All documented work as described in each task need to be filed in a portfolio with task no.1 at the bottom and task 10 on top. ❖ The log sheet may be filed on top. ❖ Learners need to have only one portfolio which contains all original documents. Duplicate copies need not be maintained. This is to ensure the authenticity of data collected and the analysis conducted on the data.

SCHEME OF EVALUATION (Total no. of students in one batch for end examination should not exceed 10)

1. Maintenance of portfolio & log book. 10 2. Evaluation of prepared report on all ten tasks 65 3. End examination: A portfolio evaluation is recommended for the end examination evaluating the record of all ten activities of each individual learner for consistency and in case of any discrepancy the learner may be assessed on the criteria given against each task. Marks awarded for evaluating the portfolio - 50 Total= 125.

Note to End examination evaluators: • Check the genuineness and authenticity of all recorded activities in the portfolio. • The learner may be asked to do one activity of the choice of the examiner which involves listening to instructions, writing a small paragraph of 50 words, reading it and talking for a few minutes. • The learner may be asked about his satisfaction of the marks awarded and in case of any mismatch the examiner may assess his performance and alter the portfolio assessment (here the benefit of doubt may be in favour of the learner i.e., an improvement may be recorded but in case the examiner feels that the marks awarded is more the same may be retained). • Do not compare the performance of one student with that of another. • Always compare the performance of a learner to the given standard. • Total time taken for the evaluation of a portfolio need not exceed 15 minutes

Recommended text book for the prescribed syllabus: Ashan Academy (2011), Communication and Analysis skills, Orient Blackswan, Hyderabad.


1. Chakravarthi K. T. & Chakravarthi L. T. (2011), Soft Skills for Managers, biztantra, New Delhi. 2. Alex K., (2009), Soft Skills: S. Chand & company Ltd, New Delhi. 3. Pink M. A. & S. E. Thomas. : Communication Skills, S. Chand & company Ltd, New Delhi. 4. Siddons S. (2008), Presentation Skills, Universities Press, Hyderabad. 5. Adler.: Communication : Goals and Approaches, Cengage Learning. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

In case during the implementation of CASP any teacher has a suggestion to improve the learners competence concerning any one of the ten tasks or any other additional one please feel free to mail to the following addresses: 1) or 2)

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Research Assignement

...Introduction This assignment will initially identify my chosen research statement along with its relevance to contemporary nursing practice. A discussion of how research provides an evidence base and how the literature search was carried out will follow. From here I will critically appraise two research articles, one article will be based on qualitative research and the other quantitative research. A conclusion will then be formed of how the articles either supported or did not support the research question. The research articles will relate to the research statement “Your life” “Your condition” is the theme associated with self-management/self-care of long term conditions. Are current interventions appropriate to support self-management/self-care in mental health? For the purpose of this assignment I have selected articles which focus on a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach to self-management in relation to anxiety. I have chosen this statement as I have recently completed a placement within a Primary Care Mental Health Team who facilitate self-help for people who experience anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder. I had the opportunity to work closely with individuals who had been diagnosed with mild to moderate anxiety, where facilitated self-help played an important part in their recovery. The Royal College of Psychiatrists (2013) describe anxiety as something that is experienced by everyone in reaction to stressful situations which can be helpful in......

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Examples Of Critical Appraisal

...evaluation helps to filter necessary information, identify studies that are applicable clinically and also for continuous professional development (CPD). However, evaluation of an article, is assessed using pre-designed instrument that encourages a more thorough and systematic method; it is designed for different study design and ask specific questions as pertain validity of the study such as: if the study has given an answer to the research question and has met its set aims and objectives, the methodology, analysis and interpretation of findings (Harder, 2014; Burls, 2009; Whiffin and Hasselder, 2013). It could be said that a good critical assessment plays a vital in evidence-based practice. Therefore, a critical appraisal skills programme (CASP, 2009) checklist will be used to evaluate the selected paper for this...

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