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get worse are one of the major objectives of family counseling (Atwood , 1995 . Family counseling may help in promoting better relationship and understanding within a family (Berg , Sperry Carlson , 1999 . All families have conflicts or disagreements at times , and resolving their differences in a positive manner with respect to the interest and needs of each member is possible with the aid of family counseling approaches (Berg , Sperry Carlson 1999 . Different types of family counseling therapy can help in improving the lives of each family member with focus on different orientations , including the past family origin and early life difficulties , the present happenings which may either be satisfactory or unsatisfactory , their thoughts , behaviors , and emotions (Berg , Sperry Carlson , 1999
What causes the pain in the lives of family can be healed and have great potential to move into more productive ways through different family therapy approaches (Eisenberg , J Wahrman , 1991 . The Psychodynamic or Transgenerational Models , Cognitive Behavioral or Behavioral Models and Structural /Strategic /MRI Models are some of the more well-known family counseling approaches that will be explored and analyzed in this study (Eisenberg , J Wahrman , 1991 . Comparing and contrasting the Cognitive Behavioral Models of family therapy with other major models of family therapy can help better understand the family system 's boundaries , complementarities , family ties , capacity for change , and ability to change , as well as balance the relationship (Ellensweig-Tepper , 2000 . A personal integration approach has been included in this study in an attempt to ensure that the expressed concerns can encourage each family member to have positive ways of communication patterns from the chosen model
The Evolution of Family Counseling
The evolution of family counseling therapy can be...

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