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Catch 22

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Catch 22
Mr. Secretary, By your request I have researched the directive known as Catch 22. After extensive research through various sources, I am now able to present you with the information I have gathered. I will first define the term for you then I will explain what I see as the best solution to your proposal of its reinstatement. A Catch 22 is essentially a paradox by which a statement leads to the contradiction of that very statement. The term Catch 22 was coined by Joseph Heller and refers to the US Army clause 22 which states: “All persons with mental issues should be removed from active combat upon request; however, requesting removal from active combat is a sign of mental stability as it is the self preservation function of the brain working.” An individual’s recognition of his mental state shows his cognitive ability to understand and value his own safety, therefore, making his mentally capable of the duties at hand. So you see, Mr. Secretary, the Catch 22 is a very assuming and entrapping clause that only takes into account one’s ability to recognize self-preservation. As defined above, the Catch 22 directive is an entrapment tool that was used by the US Armed Forces to avoid losing capable soldiers in a time of high stakes and world war. Mr. Secretary, I believe your interest in re-instituting this clause must have been stifled by the above mentioned; however, if you believe there is sufficient reason to press on with this proposal, allow me to curb your enthusiasm. Although there is concern about soldiers claiming mental issues to circumvent their duties, I believe Catch 22 is not the answer. The United States military is deployed worldwide for a global peace keeping force, not a repelling force for another militant giant. In this day and age we can afford to sacrifice numbers for safety. There are many brave men and women who are willing and able to serve the positions we need in our armed forces; we should have no qualms about releasing individuals due to mental instability. Safety is another reason I believe that re-instituting Catch 22 is a poor decision. The dynamics of the armed forces are based largely the ability to trust the individuals next to you. With this clause enacted, members of squadrons with affected members will be more likely to feel and ultimately be in greater danger than those without. We simply cannot ask on our soldiers to defend their country and peace abroad while there are individuals who are dealing with mental issues and endangering their colleges. With that being said, Mr. Secretary, you now see my stance on the issue of re-enacting the Catch 22 clause into the armed forces. I have provided you with enough information to make an informed decision yourself, but I do hope you use my above reasoning and ultimately determine that we are in no need of using the said directive.

With Respect,


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