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Catch Us If You Can

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I have studied the novel “Catch Us If You Can” by Catherine MacPhail. This novel is about the love between two generations, a grandchild and a grandparent. The grandchild’s name was Rory. His grandfather was Granda. Rory’s father abandoned him when he was young and his mother had passed away. Rory and Granda had never been separated ever since Rory was a baby. In this novel, the happy event is when the family reunited.

In the ending, everything worked out well for Rory and Granda. Rory’s grandfather did not die after all, although he became very ill and was unconscious at the bus stop. The readers were also uncertain if Granda would survive, as Rory waited for him to recover. Then, Rory’s father came to see Rory and Granda.

Granda liked his new daughter in-law, Karen and granddaughters, Rhonda and Ava. He let them climbed all over him and kissed him. They also played with his hearing aid until it whistled. But Granda still treated his son, Jeff , badly. However, Rhonda and Ava would bring Granda round eventually.

Rory’s father did his best to explain that he was young and stupid when he abandoned Rory and Rory’s mother. He wanted to make it up to Rory and took care of him. He wanted a chance to prove that he could be a good father to Rory and a good son to Granda.

Rory and Granda decided to stay in Liverpool. The social services managed to get Rory and Granda a small flat very close to Rory father’s home. This allowed Rory and Granda to stay together on their own, yet be close enough to Rory’s father. It was a happy ending for Rory and Granda.

In conclusion, the story ends on a positive and happy note; the family finally reunited! All ends well as Rory and Granda will always be together. There is no question of the authorities to separate them. They reunite...

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