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Catechism Bible Quiz

1. Who created the heavens and the earth? A. Adam B. God C. Eve D. Abel
2. What did God create on the first day? A. Trees B. Animals C. The moon D. Light
3. What did God do on the seventh day? A. Made Eden B. Rested C. Made plants D. Made man
4. From what material did God make Adam? A. Plants B. Monkeys C. Water D. Dust
5. What did God take from Adam to make the woman? A. A lip B. A rib C. His brain D. A muscle
6. Who was the first woman? A. Eden B. Ruth C. Eve D. Elisabeth
7. Who called the woman "Eve"? A. The serpent B. God C. Adam D. Eve
8. Why was she called Eve? A. She was the first woman B. She liked the name C. Eve means wife D. She was the "mother of all living"
9. Where did Adam and Eve live? A. Garden of Gethsemane B. Mt. Sinai C. Utopia D. Garden of Eden
10. Who tempted Eve? A. Adam B. The serpent C. God D. Abel
11. What did Eve eat? A. Banana B. Fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil C. Apple D. Fruit from the tree of life
12. With what did God clothe Adam and Eve? A. A cloud B. Skins C. His hand D. Fig leaves
13. What guarded Eden? A. Soldiers B. Snakes C. Seraphim D. Cherubim
14. Who were Adam and Eve's sons? A. Jacob and Esau B. Cain and Abel C. James and John D. Aaron and Moses
15. Who Killed Abel? A Athol B. Cain C. Eve D. God
16. Who said, "Am I my brother's keeper"? A. Cain B. Abel C. God D. Adam
17. Who was Adam's third son? A. Seth B. Enoch C. Abraham D. Shem
18. What happened to Enoch? A. He lived 450 years B. He died, having no children C. Nothing D. He did not die.
19. Who was the oldest man in the Bible? A. Adam B. Methuselah C. Jared D. Noah
20. How old was Methuselah when he died? A. 550 B. 1,000 C. 721 D. 969
21. Who built the ark? A. Moses B. Noah C. God D. Jacob
22. Who were Noah's sons? A. Cain, Abel, and Seth B. Peter, James, and John C. Reuben, Manasseh, and Judah D. Shem, Ham, and Japheth
23. How many people were in the ark? A.4 B.8 C.2 D.6
24. How many days and nights did it rain?

A.30 B.20 C.50 D. 40
25. On what mountain did the ark land? A. Mt. Sinai B. Mt. Ararat C. Mt. Moriah D. Mt. Horeb
26. What bird did Noah first send out of the ark? A. Dove B. Owl C. Raven D. Sparrow
27. What bird did Noah send out next? A. Crow B. Cardinal C. Dove D. Raven
28. How many times did Noah send this bird? A.2 B. 1 C.4 D.3
29. What sign did God give to show He wouldn't flood the earth again? A. A star B. A solar flare C. A cloud D. A rainbow
30. God gave people different languages to slop what building? A. The pyramids B. The ark. C. Idols D. The Tower of Babel
31. What relation was Abraham to Lot? A. Brother B. Father C. Son D. Uncle
32. Who was Abraham's wife? A. Sharon B. Sarah C. Rachel D. Ruth
33. Why did Abraham and Lot separate? A. There was not enough land for both of them B. They wanted to stop their shepherds from fighting C. Lot wanted to go back home D. Abraham was tired of looking after Lot
34. Who was Sarah's handmaid? A. Leah B. Hagar C. Hannah D. Mary
35. Who was Abraham and Hagar's son? A. Esau B. Isaac C. Jacob D. Ishmael
36. How many people did the angels take out of Sodom? A.4 B.0 C.3 D.5
37. Who turned into a pillar of salt? A. Lot's wife B. Lot's daughter C. Lot's son D. Lot
38. Who was Abraham and Sarah's son? A. Ishmael B. Isaac C. Isaiah D. Ichabod
39. What does his name mean? A. At last B. Laughter C. Small one D. Child of our old age
40. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born? A. 35 B. 75 C. 90 D. 100
41. How old was Sarah when Isaac was born? A. 55 B. 90 C. 100 D. 65
42. Why did Sarah want Hagar and Ishmael cast out? A. It was too crowded B. Hagar hated her C. Hagar was lazy D. Ishmael mocked Isaac
43. Where did Abraham attempt to sacrifice Isaac? A. Mt. Sinai B. Mt. Moriah C. Mt Nebo D. Mt. Horeb
44. Who stopped Abraham from offering Isaac? A. Sarah B. Isaac C. Lot D. An angel
45. What did Abraham sacrifice instead of Isaac? A. A servant B. A ram C. A bull D. A camel
46. How old was Sarah when she died? A 75 B. 175 C. 127 D. 83
47. Who was Isaac's wife? A. Sarah B. Esther C. Rebekah D. Rachel
48. How old was Abraham when he died? A. 100 B. 75 C. 204 D. 175
49. What were the names of Isaac's sons? A Peter and Andrew B. Cain and Abel C. James and John D. Jacob and Esau
50. Which son did Isaac like better? A. Jacob B. Esau C. Abraham D. Lot
51. Which son did Rebekah like better? A. Abraham B. Jacob C. Joseph D. Esau
52. Who deceived Isaac for a blessing? A. Esau B. Jacob C. Adam D. Ezra
53. What did Jacob use for a pillow? A. A sheep B. A blanket C. A saddle D. A stone
54. What did Jacob see in a dream? A. Sheep B. A ladder C. Clouds D. Esau
55. Whom did Jacob want to marry? A. Rebekah B. Rachel C. Leah D. Sarah
56. How many years did Jacob serve for Rachel? A.7 B.5 C.9 D.3
57. Who was Rachel's father? A. Laban B. Lot C. Noah D. Isaac
58. Who was Laban's sister? A. Sarah B. Rebekah C. Rachel D. Leah
59. Whom did Jacob marry first? A. Rachel B. Rebekah C. Eve D. Leah
60. How many more years did Jacob serve for Rachel'? A. 17 B. 14 C. 7 D. 20
61. With whom did Jacob wrestle? A. An angel B. Esau C. Rachel D. Leah 52. What was Jacob's new name? A. Joshua B. Joseph C. David D. Israel
63. How many children did Jacob have? A. 12 sons, 1 daughter B. 6 sons, 6 daughters C. I son, 12 daughters D. 12 sons
64. Who was Rebekah's nurse? A Dinah B. Clara C. Deborah D. Donna
65 Who persuaded Jacob's sons not to kill Joseph? A Joseph B. Simeon C. Reuben D. Judah
66, What was Esau’s other name? A. Edom B. Ezra C. Israel D. Reuben
67.Which of his sons did Jacob like best? A Reuben B. Benjamin C. Joseph D. Asher
68. What did Jacob give to his favorite son? A. A crown B. Gold C. A bar of silver D. A coat of many colors
69. To whom did Joseph's brothers sell him? A. Canaanites B. Hittites C. Hivites D. lshmaelites
70. How much money did the brothers get for selling Joseph? A. 10 drachmas B. 30 pieces of silver C. 20 pieces of silver D. 20 pieces of gold
7 1 . What did the brothers do with Joseph's coat? A. Dipped it in goat's blood B. Sold it C. Hid it D. Burned it
72. What did the brothers tell Jacob about Joseph? A. Joseph had been killed B. Joseph was lost C. They had found a coat D. Nothing
73. To whom did the caravan sell Joseph? A. Potiphar B. Pharoah C. Cleopatra D. Jacob
74. Why did Potiphar throw Joseph into prison?
A. Joseph was a Hebrew
B. Joseph had lied to Potiphar
C. Joseph had stolen a silver cup
D. Potiphar's wife said Joseph attacked her
75. In prison, whose dreams did Joseph interpret?
A. The butler's and baker's B. The jailer's C. The butler's and maid's D. His own dreams
76. Whom did Pharoah hang?
A. Joseph B. Potiphar C. The butler D. The baker
77. What did Pharoah's dream include?
A Dogs and cats B. Money C. Cattle and corn D. Corn and beans
78. Who told Pharoah about Joseph?
A. Photiphar B. The baker C. The butler D. The faller
79 What did Pharoah's dreams mean?
A Pharoah would be prosperous B. A flood was coming
C. There would be plenty of food and then famine
D. Joseph did not know
80. What was Joseph's advice?
A. To eat, drink, and be merry B. To move C. Do not panic D. To store grain
81. Whom did Pharoah appoint to store the grain?
A. The butler B. Joseph C. Himself D. Potiphar
82. How old was Joseph when Pharoah chose him?
A. 17 B. 25 C.40 D.30
83. How many years of plenty were there?
A. 14 B.7 C.5 D. 10
84. How many years of famine were there?
A. 14 B. 10 C. 5 D.7
85. What were the names of Joseph's sons?
A. Jacob and Esau B. Manasseh and Ephraim
C. Ithamar and Eleazar D. lames and John
86. Why did Jacob's sons go to Egypt?
A. To see the pyramids B. They were moving to Egypt C. To buy food D. To find Joseph
87. Which of Jacob's sons did not go to Egypt?
A. Reuben B. Gad C. Benjamin D. Naphtali
88. What were the brothers accused of in Egypt?
A. Stealing B. Killing C. Idolatry D. Spying
89. Which brother was kept in prison?
A. Reuben B. Dan C. Levi D. Simeon
90. Who were the brothers to bring on their next visit?
A. Jacob B. Rachel C. Rahab D. Benjamin
91. Why did Jacob's sons go to Egypt the second time?
A. To get their brother out of prison B. To buy more food C. To find Joseph D. To find their lost grain
92. Who went with the brothers on their second trip?
A. A guide B. Jacob C. Rachel D. Benjamin
93. What was put in Benjamin's sack?
A. Stones B. Joseph's cup C. A key D. A map 94. What did Joseph do to his brothers?
A Put them in jail B. Whipped them
Made them slaves D. Told them he was Joseph
95. Where did Jacob and his sons settle?
A haael B. Goshen C. Palestine D. Syria
96. What did Egyptians think of shepherds?
A They liked tiwni B. They considered them guardians of the gods C They hated them D. They worshiped them
97. How old was Jacob when he died? a 100 B.134 C. 147 D. 153
98. Jacob placed his right hand of blessong on which of Joseph's sons?
A Manasseh B. Gershom C. Issachar D. Ephraim
99. How old was Joseph when he died?
A. 90 B. 105 C. 147 D. 110
100. What plans did Joseph make for his bones?
A. He wanted them left alone
B. He wanted them carried out of Egypt
C. He wanted them put in the sea
D. He wanted them buried in a pyramid
101. Why did the Egyptians make the Israelites slaves? They were afraid the Israelites would:
A. Make them slaves B. loin their enemies and fight them C. Outnumber them D. Leave Egypt
102. What did Pharoah tell the midwives to do?
A. Kill the Hebrew daughters
B. Kill the Hebrew sons
C. Kill the Egyptian daughters
D. Kill the Egyptian sons
103. The midwives disobeyed. What did they tell Pharaoh when he asked them about It?
A They feared the Hebrews
B. The Hebrews would not let them in
C. They had forgotten
D. The Hebrew women gave birth before they could arrive
104. What did Pharaoh give to the Israelites?
A. To leave Egypt It
B. To throw their sons into the river
C. To throw the daughters into the river
D. To worship the son god
105. From what tribe were Moses' parents?
A. Judah B. Levi C. Benjamin D. Dan
106. What were the names of Moses' parents?
A. Amram and Jochebed B. Adam and Eve
C. Eliab and Nahor D. Isaac and Rebekah
107. How long did Moses' mother hide him after he was born?
A. 3 months B. 5 months C. 7 months D. I year
108. What did Moses' mother do when she could no longer hide him?
A. Sent him to Pharoah B. Left him with relatives
C. Left him in the sand D. Put him in an ark in the river
109. Who followed the baby?
A. His mother B. His sister C. His brother D. His father
110. Who was Moses' sister?
A. Martha B. Miriam C. Marian D. Mary
111. Who found the ark and the baby?
A. Miriam B. Pharoah's daughter C. Aaron D. Amram
112. Whom did Miriam get as a nurse for Moses?
A. Aaron B. Moses' mother C. Pharoah's daughter D. Herself
113. Why did Pharoah's daughter call the baby "Moses"?
A. She had found him in an ark
B. That was her grandfather's name
C. Moses means "small one"
D. She drew him from the water
114. What did Moses do when he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew?
A. He hid B. He killed the Egyptian
C. He killed the Hebrew D. He killed them both
115. Who did Moses see fighting the next day?
A.Two Egyptians B. Two Hebrews
C. An Egyptian and a Hebrew D. Two women
116. One of the men said something that upset Moses. What did he say?
A. Do you intend to kill me, as you killed the Egyptian?
B. Mind your own business C. Pharoah wants to kill you
D. Leave us alone
117. Where did Moses go after he fled from Egypt?
A. Midian B. Assyria C. Israel D. Palestine
118. Who was Moses' wife?
A. Gad B. Esther C. Zappa D. Zipporah
119. Who was her father? A. Joseph B. Reuel C. Ramses D. Justin
120. Who was Moses' son?
A. Levi B. Gershom C. Naphtali D. Nun
121. What was Reuel's other name?
A. Rabah B. Jethro C. Josiah D. lonah
122. As Moses was tending sheep, what sight caught his attention?
A. A wounded lamb B. A burning bush
C. The sunset D. A pillar of fire
123. On what mount did Moses see this sight?
A. Mt. Olivet B. Mt. Ararat C. Mt. Nebo D. Mt. Horeb
124. What did the Lord tell Moses to do?
A. To write the Ten Commandments
B. To go to Egypt and deliver Israel. C. To contact Miriam D. To make an altar
125. God described the land that the Israelites would be going to land flowing" with a
A. Heavenly nectar B. Milk and honey C. Wealth untold D. Beautiful lilies
126. Whom did God appoint as Moses' spokesman?
A. God B. Miriam C. Joshua D. Aaron
127 Who told Aaron to meet Moses in the wilderness?
A. Moses B. A messenger C. Miriam D. God
128. When Moses and Aaron asked Pharoah to let the Israelites go wilderness and sacrifice, what did Pharoah say to them?
A. Return within seven days B. Stay here and sacrifice
C. Leave and never return
D. I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go
129. How old was Moses when he asked Pharoah to let the Israelite go?
A. 75 B. 66 C. 33 D. 80 go?
130. Aaron threw down the rod and it became a snake. What happened to the magicians' rods?
A. Nothing B. They began two snakes
C. They began to shake D. They became frogs
131. Then what happened to the magicians' rods?
A They stood up B. They wriggled away
C. Aaron's rod swallowed them D. Nothing
132. What was the first plague?
A. Murrain of beasts B. Water to blood C. Frogs D. Locust,
133. What was the second plague?
A. Lice B. Murrain of beasts C. Locusts D. Frogs
134. What was the third plague?
A. Frogs B. Lice C. Flies D. Darkness
135.What was the fourth plague?
A. Frogs B. Flies C. Lice D. Darkness
136. Which plagues did the magicians duplicate? A. Hail and darkness B. Water to blood and frogs
C. Water to blood and flies D. Boils and locusts
137. Which was the first plague in which the Israelites' land, Goshen, was not affected?
A. Frogs B. Lice C. Locusts D. Flies
138. What was the fifth plague?
A. Darkness B. Murrain of beasts C. Locusts D. Frogs It'
139. What was the sixth plague?
A. Flies B. Boils C. Frogs D. Lice
140. What was the seventh plague?
A. Hail B. Lice C. Mice D. Locusts
141. What was the eighth plague?
A. Locusts B. Darkness C. Pestilence D. Flies
142. What was the ninth plague?
A. Locusts B. Flies C. Frogs D. Darkness
143. What feast began before the tenth plague?
A. Pentecost B. Passover C. Thanksgiving D. First rights
144. What did Moses instruct the Israelites to put on their doors? A. A cross B. Blood C. Writing D. A star
145 What was the tenth plague?
A. Frogs B. Death of the firstborn C. A flood D. Pestilence
146. Who killed the firstborn of man and beast?
A Moses B. God C. The death angel D. Pharaoh
147. What was the first month of the Hebrew year?
A. Tishri B. Al, C. Sivan D. Abib
148. How many years were the Israelites in Egypt?
A 100 B. 430 C. 350 D. 505
149. Whose bones did the Israelites take with them when they left Egypt? A. AlutiWon's B. Joseph's C. Jacob's D. Pharoah's
150. By day the Lord led the Israelites by
A. A pillar of cloud B. A pillar of fire
C. A calf D. Lightning
151. By night the Lord went before the Israelites In
A. A pillar of fire B. A pillar of cloud
C. Lightning D. A calf
152. Who raised his rod and divided the Red Sea?
A. Aaron B. Pharoah C. Gideon D. Moses
153. Moses sang praises to God after their deliverance. Who danced?
A. Aaron B. Miriam C. Joshua D. Moses
154. What happened after the Israelites complained about having no food?
A. Nothing B. God sent manna C. They went hungry
D. They killed their cattle
155. When the people gathered more manna than they needed and it was left until morning, what happened to it?
A. It vanished B. Nothing C. It had worms in it
D. It turned black
156. What happened when people went to gather manna on the Sabbatl;
A. There was no manna B. The manna was rancid
C. There was double manna D. They were struck by lightning
157. What did Moses tell Aaron to do with the manna?
A. To put the manna in a pot B. To eat the manna
C. To give the manna to others D. To destroy the manna
158. When the people were thirsty at Rephidim, what did God tell Moses to do?
A. To hit a rock B. To speak to the rock
C. To drill a well D. To hit a tree
159. Whom did Moses send to fight the Amalekites?
A. Aaron B. Joshua C. Eleazar D. Ithamar
160. During the battle with the Amalekites, what happened when Moses raised his arms?
A. The Israelites lost B. The Amalekites won
C. The Israelites won D. It was a tie
161. Who held up Moses' arms after Moses got tired of holding them up?
A. Aaron and Miriam
B. Aaron and Hur
C. Aaron and Joshua
D. Moses
162. Moses' sons were Gershom and who?
A. Eliezer B. Reuben C. Pharex D. Moses had just one son
163. After Jethro saw Moses judge the people, what advice did he give Moses?
A To appoint other judges B. To judge not
C. To leave the country
D. To have the people solve their own problems
164. On what mount did Moses receive the Ten Commandmants?
A. Mt. Sinai B. Mt. Ararat C. Mt. Olivet D. Mt. Moriah
165. What is the first commandment?
A. Thou shalt not make any graven Image
B. Honor thy father and thy mother
C. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
D. Thou shalt not kill
166. What is the second commandment?
A. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
B. Thou shalt not make any graven image
C. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain
D. Thou shalt not steal
167. What is the third commandment?
A. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
B. Thou shalt not make any graven image C. Thou shalt not kill
D. Thou shalt not steal
168. What is the fourth commandment?
A. Thou shalt not covet
B. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
C. Thou shalt not kill D. Thou shalt not steal
169. What is the fifth commandment?
A. Honor thy father and thy mother
B. Thou shalt not make any graven image
C. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
D. Thou shalt not covet
170. What is the sixth commandment?
A. Thou shalt not steal
B. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
C. Thou shalt not kill
D. Thou shalt not bear false witness
171. What is the seventh commandment
A. Thou shalt not commit adultery B. Thou shalt not kill
C. Thou shalt not steal
D. Thou shalt not bear false witness
171. What is the eighth commandment
A. Thou shalt not covet B. Thou shalt not kill
C. Honor thy father and thy mother D. Thou shalt not steal
173. What is the ninth commandment?
A. Thou shalt not covet
B. Thou shalt not bear false witness
C. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
D. Thou shalt not steal
174. What is the tenth commandment?
A. Honor thy father and thy mother
B. Thou shalt not steal
C. Thou shalt not bear false witness
D. Thou shalt not covet
175. How long was Moses on Mt. Sinai with the Lord?
A. 40 hours B. 40 days C. 20 days D. 35 days
176. What was to cover the mercy seat on the ark of the covenant?
A. Seraphim B. Cherubim C. Homs D. A rainbow
177. Who was the first high priest?
A. Moses B. Levi C. Aaron D. Joshua
178 Who were Aaron's sons?
A Gad, Naphtali, Issachar, and Levi
B. Peter, Andrew, lames, and John
C. Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar
D. Shem, Ham, Japheth, and Amos
179. Who wrote God's laws on the two tables of stone?
A. Aaron B. Joshua C. Moses D. God
180 Who made the golden calf?
A. Dathan B. Aaron C. Joshua D. Moses
181 What did God want to do to the people after they rebelled?
A. Nothing B. Destroy them C. Forgive them D. Forget about them
182. Why didn't God do as He planned?
A He forgave them instead
B. Moses prayed that He would not do it
C. The people asked for mercy
D. Aaron prayed for the people
183. Who went down with Moses from Mt. Sinai?
A Aaron B. God C No one D. Joshua
184. Why did Moses break the two tables of stone?
A. He tripped and fell B. He was angry
C. he did not like them D. They were too heavy
185. What did Moses do with the golden calf?
A. Nothing B. He ground it into powder
C. He ignored it D. He threw it into the Red Sea
186. Moses wanted to see God, but God said Moses could not see
A. His face B. His angels C. His feet D. His chariot
187.'What happened to Moses' face when he was on the mount with God?
A. It shone B. It got darker C. Nothing D. It got hairier
188. What did Moses put over his face? A. A mask B. Nothing C. A coat D. A veil
189. What did the people do if the cloud stayed on the tabernacle?
A. They moved B. They stayed
C. They looked at it D. They ignored it
190. What did the people do if the cloud lifted.
A. They stayed B. They looked at it
C. They became afraid D. They moved
191. God told Moses to count all the Israelites who were at least
A. 16 B. 20 C. 21 D. 30
192. Which tribe was not counted?
A. Judah B. Dan C. Simeon D. Levi
193. Which tribe was in charge of caring for the tabernacle?
A. Benjamin B. Judah C. Levi D. Issachar
194. How many tribes camped on each side of the tabernacle?
A.2 B.4 C.5 D.3
195. Which of Aaron's sons died for offering wrongly?
A. Ithamar and Eleazar B. Nadab and Abihu
C. Joshua and Dan D. Nadab and Eleazar
196. What covered the tabernacle by day?
A. Fire B. Rain C. Clouds D. Darkness
197. What covered the tabemacle by night?
A. Fog B. Rain C. Fire D. Clouds
198. What did God send to supply the Israelites with meat?
A. Sheep B. Quail C. Oxen D. Camels
199. Why did Aaron and Miriam speak against Moses?
A. He was becoming too strict
B. He had married an Ethiopian
C. He liked Joshua more D. They wanted to be leaders
200. After God spoke with them, they discovered that Miriam Lid
A. A golden ring B. The Ten Commandments
C. A scarlet robe D. Leprosy
201. Who prayed that Miriam would be healed?
A. Miriam B. Moses C. Aaron D. All Israel
202. How long was Miriam required to be outside of the camp?
A. 40 days B. 7 days C. 14 days D. I year
203. How many men were sent to spy in the land of Canaan?
A. 12 B.2 C. 40 D.21
204. What kind of food did the spies carry back on a staff?
A. Grapes B. Bananas C. A calf D. Apples
205. How many days did they spy in Canaan?
A. 24 B. 12 C. 38 D. 40
206. What was unusual about the sons of Anak?
A. They were dwarfs B. They were giants
C. They had blond hair D. They were archers
20?. How many spies thought the Israelites could not conquer the Lind?
A.6 B. 12 C.2 D. 10
208. Which spies said that Israel could conquer the land?
A. Moses and Aaron B. Joshua and Caleb
C. Dan and Bethel D. Reuben and Simeon
209. Alter the Israelites refused to enter the land, what did God plan to do?
A. Encourage them B. Have the enemy attack
C. Lead them in D. Kill them
210. Why didn't God do as He planned?
A. The Israelites repented B. Moses prayed for Israel
C. The Israelites went into the land
D. Joshua prayed for the people
211. God said that the people years old and up would die In the wilderness.
A.35 B.40 C.18 D.20
212 Which two spies would be able to go into the Promised tool?
A. Dan and Bethel B. Joshua and Caleb
C. Moses and Aaron D. Aaron and Hur
213. How many years did the Israelites wander in the wiklemess?
A.20 B.10 C.40 D. 35
214. God said they would wander in the wilderness one year for
A. Each spy who rebelled against him
B. Each day they refused to conquer the land
C. Each day they had spied out the land
D. Each elder of Israel
215. What happened to the ten spies who said they could not conquer the land?
A. They were stoned to death
B. They were banished from camp
C. The Canaanites killed them
D. They died in a plague
216. Korah, Dathan, and started a rebellion against Moses,
A. Aaron B. Gedaliah C. Gershom D. Abiram
217. What happened to Korah, Dathan, and Abiram?
A. The Lord struck them with lightning
B. The earth opened up and they fell in
C. The Amorites attracked and killed them
D. They became the new leaders
218. Aaron's rod was chosen to represent
A. Levi B. Judah C. Benjamin D. Ephraim
219. What happened to Aaron's rod?
A. It budded, blossomed, and yielded almonds
B. It glowed with God's glory
C. It became gold D. It tumed black
220. Where was Aaron's rod placed?
A. In the temple B. In the ark of the covenant C. In Moses' tent D. It was buried on Mt. Sinai
221. Which relative of Moses died in Kadesh? A. Gershom B. Miriam C. Aaron D. Jethro
222. When the Israelites needed water, what was Moses supposed to tlo to the rock?
A. Hit the rock B. Worship the rock
C.Write upon the rock D. Speak to it
223 Whist did Moses do to the rock?
A. He covered it with his mantle B. He hit it
C.poke to the rock D. He put blood upon the rock
224 Who did God say would not enter the Promised Land?
A. Amon B. loshua C. Moses D. Moses and Aaron
225. Where did Aaron die?
A Mt. Sinai B. Mt. Ararat C. Mt. Olivet D. Mt. Hor
226. Who succeeded Aaron as high priest?
A Moses B. Eleazar C. Ithamar D. Joshua
227. Alter the Israelites complained, what did God send upon them?
A. Hail B. Fire C. A flood D. Serpents
228. Moses made a serpent of brass. What did he do with it?
A He touched all the people who had been bitten B. He put it in the tabernacle.
C. IHe began to worship it D. He set it upon a pole
229. What did the people who had been bitten have to do with the brass serpent?
A Kiss it B. Look at it C. Touch it D. Worship it to
230. What king wanted Balaam to curse Israel?
A Pharoah B. Achish C. Jehu D. Balak
231. What country did he rule?
A Edom B. Moab C. Ammon D. Syria
232. What did Balaam's donkey see that made him stop?
A. A wolf B. An angel C. A lion D. A wall
233. After Balaam had beaten his donkey, what did the donk6Y do?
A. It spoke B. It bucked him off
C. It turned and ran D. It collapsed
234. Then what did Balaam see?
A. An angel B. A bright star
C. The Israelites D. A pillar of fire
235. How many times did Balaam try to curse Israel?
A. 1 B.6 C.4 D.3
236. Whom did God choose as Moses' successor?
A Joshua B. Samuel C. Eleazar D. Ithamar
237 When the Israelites defeated Midian, what man did they kill?
A. Og B. Sihon C. Balaam D. Bashan
238. How old was Aaron when he died?
A. 123 B. 84 C. 120 D.99
239. Where did the Israelites stand to hear God's blessings?
A. Mt. Ararat B. Mt. Sinai C. Mt. Ebal D. Mt. Gerizim
240. Where did the Israelites stand to hear God's curse?
A. Mt. Ararat B. Mt. Sinai C. Mt. Ebal D. Mt. Gerizim
241. God said that any king of Israel should not have much silver and gold, many wives, and many
A. Servants B. Crowns C. Enemies D. Horses
242. From what mount did Moses view the Promised Land?
A Mt. Hor B. Mt. Sinai C. Mt. Pisgah D. Mt. Olivet
243. Where did Moses die?
A. Moab B. Ammon C. Syria D. Israel
244. Who buried Moses?
A. Joshua B. Eleazar C. No one D. God
245. How old was Moses when he died?
A. 120 B. 80 C. 96 D 77
246. Who was Joshua's father?
A. Moses B. Nadab C. Nun D. Jesse
247. Joshua sent two men to spy on
A. Jerusalem B. Hebron C. Gilgal D. Jericho
248. At whose house did the two spies stay in Jericho?
A. Ruth's B. Rahab's C. Rachel's D. Rezin s
249. What did Rahab ask the spies to do?
A. To take her back with them B. Not to come back
C. To kill the king of Jericho
D. Not to kill her or her family
250 How did the spies get out of Jericho?
A. They disguised themselves
B. Rahab lowered them over a wall with a cord
C They stole horses and rode out D. They did not get out
251 What color was the cord?
A Blue B. Green C. Scarlet D. White
252. What was Rahab to do with the cord?
A Tolower herself down the wall
B To tie it around her robes
C. To tie it in the window
D. To burn it
253. The Jordan River divided after who had stepped into its water?
A. Joshua B. The spies C. Rahab D. The priests
254. Joshua commanded the Israelites to take stones out of the river
A 40 B. 20 C.3 D. 12
255. What did Joshua set up in the midst of the Jordan River? A, A wooden marker B. TWelve stones
C. His rod 0. The Ten Commandments
256 What slid Joshua set up on Jordan's bank as a memorial?
A His rod
B. A wooden marker
C. The Ten Commandments
D. Twelve stones
257. What feast did Israel observe at this time?
A. Pentecost B. Day of Atonement
C. Feast of Tabernacles D. Passover
258 What did God stop supplying once Israel entered the Promised land?
A Ilis protection B. Manna C. Quail D. His guidance
23, As Israel marched around Jericho, what did the priests carry before the ark?
A. Swords B. Banners C. Trumpets
D The Ten Commandments
260 Flow many times did Israel march around Jericho on the first day?
A Seven times B. Three times C. Twelve times D. Once
261 11.,w many days did Israel march around Jericho one time?
A. I 11.5 C. 12 D. 6
262. How many times did Israel march around Jericho on the seventh day?
A. 1 B.3 C.6 D.7
263. When the priests blew their trumpets, what did Joshua tell the people to do?
A. Charge B. Shout C. Fight D. Retreat
264. What then happened to the people of Jericho?
A. They defeated Israel B. They surrendered to Israel C. They repented of their sins D. Their walls fell down
265. Whose family was not killed?
A. The king's B. Rahab's C. Rachel's D. Jezebel's 266.
After Jericho, what was the next city defeated by Israel?
A. Gilgal B. Jerusalem C. Gibeon D. Ai
267 What city craftily made a peace treaty with Israel?
A. Ai B. Gibeon C. Hebron D. Ramah
268. As Israel fought the confederacy of kings, how did God help them?
A. He sent a great thunderstorm
B. Lightning struck the enemy
C. He struck the enemy blind
D. Hailstones dropped on the enemy
269. In the same battle, what happened to the sun?
A. It was covered with clouds
B. It scorched the enemy with great heat
C. It turned as red as blood D. It did not go down
270. How long was the sun like this?
A. Until the sixth hour B. Until the ninth hour
C. Until midnight D. About one day
271. How many tribes settles on the east side of the Jordan River?
A. 12 B.4 C. 21/2 D. 91/2
272. Which tribe received no inheritance?
A. Judah B. Levi C. Dan D. Simeon
273. Who was Eleazar's son?
A. Gershom B. Phinehas C. Joshua D. Caleb
274. Who said, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"?
A. Caleb B. Moses C. Eleazar D. Joshua
275. How old was Joshua when he died?
A. 110 B. 99 C. 90 D. 75
276. Whose bones were buried in Shechem? A Joseph's B. Joshua's C. Moses' D. Caleb's
277. Who was the woman judge?
A. Deborah B. Dinah C. Ruth D. Elisabeth
278. Whom did she commission to lead Israel against Sisera? A. Barak B. Balaam C. Joab D. Balak
279. Barak said he would go if Deborah would do something. What?
A. Choose another leader B. Go with him
C. Marry him D. Pray for him
280. After Sisera had fled to her tent, what woman killed him?
A. Ruth B. Deborah C. Rahab D. Jael
281 To whom did God's angel speak concerning Israel's deliverance from Midlan?
A loash B. Gideon C. Samuel D. Joel
282. The first time Gideon put the fleece before the Lord, whit did he want God to do to the fleece?
A. Make it brown B. Make it wet
C. Set it on fire D. Make It dry
283. What did Gideon want God to do to the fleece the second time? A. Set it on fire B. Make it dry
C. Make it brown D. Make it wet
284. How many men were in Gideon's army?
A. 3,000 B. 330 C. 3,300 D. 300
285. Gideon gave each of his men a pitch, imd it
A. Sword B. Spear C. Trumpet D. Mop
286. Why did Jephthah's brothers reject him from sharing their inheritance?
A. His mother was a harlot B. He was less cultured
C. He continually stirred up trouble
D. He had killed their father
287. Jephthah would fight the Ammonites if the elders of Gilead made him what?
A. A rich man B. Captain C. King D. A new hoi•ie
288, Jephthah promised that if God helped dr1,...t tit• Armii,iiites, he would
A. Sacrifice the first thing that came out of Ills boo,
B. Consecrate his son to the Lord
C. Pay twenty talents of silver to the [Ad
D. Become king and faithfully follow Cori
289 When Jephthah returned from beating the Ammonite., who was the first to greet him?
A. His son B. His daughter C. His wife D. His servant
290 After Jephthah defeated the Ephramites, he caught throse trying to escape when they mispronounced what word?
A. Jephthah B. Jerusalem C. Shibolleth D. Shechem
291 Who was Manoah's son?
A. Samuel B. Samson C. Eli D. David
292, Who told Manoah's wife that air would have a 'ion's.
A. Manoah B. Samuel 1' aligel lord
293. What did the angel do when Manoah and his wife made an offering?
A He set it on fire B. He went to heaven in flame
C. He rejected the offering
D. He ate it
294. What animal did Samson kill?
A. A lion B. A bear C. An ox D. A camel
295. A few days later what did Samson find in the carcass of the animal?
A. Honey B. Weeds C. A rabbit D. Gold
296. How did the young men discover the answer to Samson's riddle?
A. Samson's wife told them B. They just guessed
C. They discovered the lion's carcass
D. They could not answer the riddle
297. What did Samson do after he caught three hundred foxes?
A. He made a coat for his wife B. He let them go
C. He made the Philistines eat them
D. He tied their tails together
298. How many Philistines did Samson kill with the jawbone of an ass?
A. 100 B. 500 C. 330 D. 1,000
299. After the Philistines had surrounded the city, how did Samson escape from Ga.?
A. He disguised himself as a Philistine
B. He hid himself in a straw wagon
C. He carried the gates of the city on his back and lett
D. He escaped while the city was burning
300. With whom did Samson fall in love?
A. Hannah B. Delilah C. Ruth D. Rahab
301. When Delilah first asked Samson how he would lose his sto•ngth, what did he say?
A. Cut his hair off B. Tie him with seven green withs
C. Get him drunk D. Tie him with new ropes
302. When Delilah asked the second time, what did Samson ray would take away his strength?
A. To have his hair cut off
B. To be tied with seven green withs
C. To have his hair woven together
D. To be tied with new ropes
303. What did Samson say when Delilah asked the third time? A To have his hair woven together
To be tied with new ropes
To have his hair cut off
I- he tied with seven green withs
304. What did Samson say when Delilah asked the fourth time?
A. To have his hair cut off
B. To have his hair woven together
C. To be tied with seven green withs
D. To be tied with new ropes
305. Who cut off Samson's hair?
A. His mother B. A man C. Delilah D. Samson
306. How many people were killed when Samson pulled the house down?
A. 10,000 B. 3,000 C. 500 D. 150
307. Who was Elimelech's wife?
A. Ruth B. Orpah C. Hannah D. Naomi
308. What city was Elimelech from?
A. Jerusalem B. Shiloh C. Gilgal D. Bethlehem
309. Who were Elimelech's two sons?
A. Eleazar and l'hinehas Ii M.Ililon and Chilion C. loel and Abiall D. limier and John
310. When there was a famine in ludah, where did Elimelech's move?
A. Edom B. Moab C. Syria D. Ammon
311. What were the names of Mahlon's and Chilion's wives?
A. Ruth and Esther B. Ruth and Orpha
C. Mara and Orpah D. Ruth and Naomi
312. After Elimelech, Mahlon, and Chilion died in Moab, who ret4flied with Naomi to Bethlehem?
A. Boaz B. Orpah C. Obed D. Ruth
313. Naomi no longer wanted to be called Naomi but what?
A. Mara B. Hannah C. Martha D. Esther
314. In whose field did Ruth glean?
A. Boaz's B. David's C. Mahlon's D. Samuel's
315. Who married Ruth?
A Elimelech B. Boaz C. Eli D. David
316. What was the name of Ruth's son?
A. David B. Obed C. Samuel D. Saul
317. What relation was Ruth to King David?
A. Mother B. Sister C. Grandmother D. Great-grandmoth„
318. Who was Hannah's husband?
A. Elimelech B. Elkanah C. Eli D. Abimelech
319 What did Hannah promise to give to the Lord?
A. More money B. Her son
C. Her tithe D. A burnt offering
320. Who was the priest that saw Hannah praying?
A. Eleazar B. Phinehas C. Aaron D. Eli
321. Eli could see Hannah's lips move but couldn't hear her, so he thought she
A. Had laryngitis B. Was drunk
C. Was asleep D. Was insincere
322. Who was Elkanah and Hannah's son?
A. Samson B. Saul C. Samuel D. Josiah
323. What did Hannah bring to Samuel every year?
A. His allowance B. His lunch
C. New shoes D. A new coat
324. Who were Eli's sons?
A. Nadab and Abihu B. Joel and Abiah
C. Eleazar and Phinehas D. Hophni and Phinehas
325. What was wrong with Eli's sons?
A. They were very young B. They were wicked
C. They were incompetent D. They were deformed
326. What did God's messenger say would happen to Eli's sons?
A. They would repent
B. They would die on the same day
C. They would corrupt the people
D. God would not honor them
327. Samuel heard someone call his name. He thought it was Eli, but who was it?
A. Hannah B. The Lord C. Hophni D. Elkanah
328. How many times did Samuel go to Eli, thinking he had called? A.4 B.2 C. I D.3
329. What message did the Lord tell Samuel?
A. That he would be priest
B. That Eli's family would be punished
C. That Samuel should return home
D. That Samuel would be king
330. After Israel was beaten by the Philistines, what was brought out to help them?
A. The cavalry B. The ark of the covenant
C. More men D. A sacrifice
331. In the next battle Eli's sons were killed. What else happened?
A. The ark was taken B. Samuel was killed
C. Jerusalem was burned D. Shiloh was attacked
332. When the messenger told Eli the news, what happened?
A. Eli fell backward and died B. Eli wept bitterly
C. Eli prayed D. Eli offered a trespass offering to God
333. How long did the Philistines have the ark of the covenant?
A. One year B. Seven days C. Seven weeks D. Seven months
334. Samuel's sons were wicked and the people asked for
A. New priests B. A king C. Lower taxes D. A temple
335. Who was Saul's father?
A. Abiah B. Samuel C. Josiah D. Kish
336. Saul was from what tribe?
A. Benjamin B. Judah C. Simeon D. Ephraim
337. What was Saul sent out to find?
A. Donkeys B. Sheep C. Money D. Camels
338. A prophet used to be called a
A. Fortune teller B. Seer C. Soothsayer D. Magician
339 At Mizpeh, Saul was chosen king, but he was
A. On his way to Mizpeh B. Kidnapped
C. Standing in the back D. Hiding
340. Who was Saul's son?
A. Joshua B. Jonathan C. Josiah D. Joel
341. Who was Saul's captain?
A loab B. Amasa C. Abner D. Adonijah
342. God sent Samuel to Jesse's house which was in
A. Jerusalem B. Shiloh C. Gilgal D. Bethlehem
343. Which of Jesse's sons did Samuel anoint as king?
A. Eliab B. David C. Shammah D. Solomon
344 When Saul needed to be calmed, David would play him.
A A trumpet B. A harp C. A guitar D. Brahm's lullaby
345. Who was the Philistine giant that challenged Israel?
A Gath B. Goliath C. Gaza D. Gerizim
346 Who killed the giant?
A B. Samuel C. Jonathan D. David
347. After the giant was killed, the women sang, "Saul hath slain his thousands, and David
A. Helped him B. His ten thousands
C. Only one D. His thousands
348. Saul was jealous of David and threw at him?
A. A vase B. A javelin C. A sword D. A book
349. Who loved David "as his own soul"?
A. Jonathan B. Saul C. Samuel D. Jesse
350. Which daughter of Saul did David marry?
A. Michal B. Abigail C. Ahinoam D. Sheba
351. On a second occasion what did Saul throw at David?
A. A sword B. A rock C. His armor D. A javelin
352. Who lowered David down through a window?
A. Jonathan B. Michal C. Saul D. David himself
353. Who killed eighty-five priests at Saul's command?
A. Doeg B. Jonathan C. David D. Abner
354. Who escaped and told David of the priests' deaths?
A. Jae! B. Joab C. Abiathar D. Abner
355. Who made a covenant with David?
A. Jonathan B. Saul C. Samuel D. loab
356. David cut off part of his robe, but spared his life. Whose life?
A. Jonathan's B. Doeg's C. Saul's D. Abner's
357. To whom did David show the piece cut from the robe?
A. Abner B. Joab C. Samuel D. Saul
358. Who died and was buried at Ramah?
A. Saul B. David C. Samuel D. Michal
359. In Cannel, David's men asked for food from
A. Shimei B. Eli C. Saul D. Nabal
360. Who was Nabal's wife?
A. Ahinoam B. Esther C. Abigail D. Ruth
361. Who gave food to David so he would not attack?
A Abigail B. Nabal C. Jonathan D. Saul
362. What happened to Nabal a few days later?
A 11r• left the country B. He joined David's men C.He died D. He was kidnapped
363. Who married Abigail?
A. David B. Jonathan C. Saul D. Abner
364. Who went with David into Saul's camp?
A Abishai B. Abner C. Joab D. Ahimelech
365. What did Abishai want to do to Saul?
A. Capture him B. Tie him up
C. Leave him alone D. Kill him
366. What did David take from Saul?
A. His sword B. His crown C. His spear and a cruse of water
D. His robe
167. Atter taking them, to whom did David shout?
A. Saul It lush C. Abner D. Abishai
368. Saul went to see a witch at
A. B. Endor C. Gaza D. Hebron
369. Who did Saul want to see?
A. Jonathan B. David C. Eli D. Samuel
370. What did Samuel tell Saul about his kingdom?
A. It would be divided B. It would collapse
C. It would last forever D. It would be given to David
371. What did Samuel tell Saul about Saul and his sons?
A. They would rule forever B. They would be killed
C. They would defeat the Philistines
D. David would kill them
372. On what mount did Saul and his sons die?
A. Mt. Sinai 13. Mt. Gilboa C. Mt. Horeb D. Mt. Pisgah
373. Who killed Saul?
A. His armorbearer B. David C. Saul D. The Philistines
374. After Saul's death, who killed himself?
A Jonathan B. David C. Saul's armorbearer D. Abner
375. What did the Philistines do with Saul's body?
A. Left it B. Buried it
C. Burned it D. Hung it on a wall
376. The men of what city rescued Saul's body?
A. Hebron B. Gilgal C. Beersheba D. Jabesh-gilead
377. In what city was Saul buried?
A. Jerusalem B. fabesh C. Hebron D. Oath
378. What did the men of Judah do to David?
A. Banished him from the land of Judah B. Made him king
C. Asked him to fight the Philistines
D. Punished him for killing Saul
379. Who led David's men?
A Abner B. Samuel C. Amasa D. loab
380. How old was David when he began to reign?
A. 24 B.30 C. 35 D. 40
381. How many years did he reign?
A 25 B. 30 C. 35 D. 40
382. Who sent trees to build David's house?
A. Joab B. Hiram C. Shechem D. Nathan
383. To what city did David bring the ark of the covenant?
A. Hebron B. Joppa C. Shechem D. Jerusalem
384. What did David do that made his wife Michal mad?
A. He killed Saul's sons B. He locked Michal up
C. He banished her
D. He danced before the ark of the covenant
385. What building did David desire to build?
A. His palace B. A pyramid
C. A tabernacle D. A temple
386. What prophet told David he could not build the temple?
A. Isaiah B. Iddo C. -ehu D. Nathan
387. Why wasn't David allowed to build the temple?
A. He was too old B. He was not a I evil,.
C. He was a man of war D. He had no materials
388. From his rooftop David saw which woman bathing?
A. Ruth B. Bathsheba C. Hannah D. Esther
389. Who was Bathsheba's husband?
A. Solomon B. Joab C. Absalom D. Uriah
390. After David learned that Bathsheba was pregnant with his child, for whom did he send?
A. Nathan B. Uriah C. Joab D. The priest
391. After David inquired about the battle, he sent Uriah homy, hoping he would sleep with his wife, but where did Uriah sleep?
A. At an inn B. At the door of the king's house
C. On a park bench D. On the street
392. Who got Uriah drunk so that he would go home to his wife?
A David B. Uriah C. Nathan D. Bathsheba
393. David's letter told loab to do what?
A. To make sure Uriah was killed
B. To quickly win the battle
C. To come home immediately D. To surrender
394. What did David do when he learned that Uriah had been killed?
A. He had Joab killed B. He declared a day of mourning
C. He told Joab to surrender D. He married Bathsheba
395. Whom did God send to reprove David for his adultery and murder?
A. An angel B. Nathan C. loab D. Solomon
396. What did Nathan say that made David realize his sins were known?
A. O ye cursed of Israel B. Thou art the man
C. Repent and be baptized D. God is not mocked
397. What happened to David and Bathsheba's first child?
A. He eventually became king B. He died
C. He was killed by Nathan
D. He became a part of the genealogy of Christ
398. Who was David and Bathsheba's second son?
A. Nathan B. Solomon C. Joel D. Abiah
399. What did Nathan call Solomon?
A Solomon B Josiah C. Saul D. Jedidiah
400. Who conspired against David and attempted to take his kingdom?
A. Absalom B. Joab C. Solomon D. - bash
401. Who was Absalom's chief counselor?
A. Altithophel B. Hushal C. Nathan D. Joab
402,. Which counselor, who was loyal to David, stayed In lerusalem after AI )'„)loan took mei?
A. Ahithophel B. Abiathar C. Hushai D. Nadab
403. As David fled from Jerusalem, who cursed him and threw stones at him
A. Shimei B. Nathan C. Abner D.Barzillai
404. What did David do to Shimei?
A. Nothing B. He had him killed
C. He took him with them D. He had his field burned
405. What did Ahitophel counsel Absalom to do?
A. To make Solomon his advisor
B. To immediately pursur David
C. To build up his army
D. To hire the Edomites to fight David
406. Whose advice did Absalom take?
A. Ahithophel's B. Solomon's C. Hushai's D. Nathan's
407. When Ahithophel learned that his counsel had not been taken, what did he do?
A. He hanged himself B. He cursed Absalom
C. He joined David's men D. He fled to Syria
408. What did David tell his men to do with Absalom?
A. To kill him on sight B. To throw him in prison
C. To deal gently with him D. To banish him
409. What happened to Absalom?
A. He continued to rule over Israel
B. His hair got caught in a tree
C. He defeated David's men D. He fled to Babylon
410. Who killed Absalom?
A. Joab B. He killed himself C. David D. Abishai
411. As David returned to Jerusalem, who met him on the way?
A. Shimei B. An angel C. Bathsheba D. Josiah
412. Whom did David bless because of his help?
A. Shimei B. Joab C. Solomon D. Barzillai
413. Who started a short-lived rebellion against David?
A. Joab B. Sheba C. Amasa D. Asahel
414. Who killed Amasa?
A. David B. Nathan C. Absalom D. Joab
415. Who killed Sheba?
A. Joab B. The people of Abel C. David D. God
416. In various fights David's men killed some giants who were related to
A. Saul B. Ezra C. Goliath D. Gath
417. One of these giants had an unusual deformity. What was it?
A. One of his arms was shorter than the other
B. He only had one eye
C. He had a hump on his back
D. He had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot
418. David displeased God by doing what with the people of Israel?
A. He made some of them slaves B. He numbered them
C. He made them serve idols D. He caused them to curse God .
419. Whom did David place in charge of numbering the people?
A . Solomon B. Joab C. Shimei D. Nathan
420. Which prophet did God send to David?
A. Iddo B. Nathan C. Jonah D. Gad
421. One of the punishments God offered to David was seven years of
A. Fighting B. Famine C. Storms D. Disease
422. Another punishment God offered David was three months of
A. Famine B. Fleeing before his enemies
C. Disease D. Storms
423. The third punishment God offered David was three days of
A. Pestilence B. Famine C. Floods D. Fighting
424. What punishment was sent?
A. Pestilence B. Fleeing before enemies C. Famine D. Floods
425. David saw God's angel stop at whose threshingfloor?
A. David's B. Ziba's C. Solomon's D. Araunah's
426. What did David do to stop the pestilence?
A. Set Jerusalem on fire B. Sacrificed to God
C. Destroyed all the idols D. Put blood on the doorposts
427. What did Araunah offer to do for David?
A. To fight in his army
B. To sell the things necessary for a sacrifice
C. To donate the things necessary for a sacrifice
D. To offer the sacrifice himself
428. When David was very old, who was chosen to lie in bed with him to keep him warm?
A. Abishag B. Bathsheba C. Abigail D. Michal
429. Which of David's sons tried to take over the kingdom?
A. Amnon B. Nathan C. Solomon D. Adonijah
430. Whom did David choose as his successor?
A. Adonijah B. Joash C. Solomon D. Joab
431. Adonijah asked Bathsheba to speak to Solomon about
A. Marrying Abishag B. A military position
C. A loan D. Buying some land
432. What did Solomon do to Adonijah?
A. He gave him Abishag B. He banished him
C. He had him killed D. He promoted him
433. What did Solomon do to Abiathar the priest?
A. He promoted him to high priest B. He had him killed
C. He had him kidnapped D. He banished him to Anathoth
434. What did Solomon do to loab?
A. He confirmed him as captain B. He banished him to Syria
C. He had him killed D. He had him thrown Into prison
435. What did Solomon do to Shimei?
A. He had him imprisoned B. He was banklied to Egypt
C. He gave him some land D. He ordered him never to leave Jerusalem
436. What happened when Shimei Jett l-rusalem?
A. He was killed B. He was banished C. He fled to Moab
D. He was imprisoned
437. Whom did Solomon marry'?
A. Pharoah's daughter B. Abishag C. Bathsheba D. Abigail
438. What did Solomon ask from God?
A. A long life B. An understanding heart
C. Gold D. Many wives
439. What else did God give to Solomon?
A. Many wives B. Many horses
C. Riches, honor, and long life D. Syria
440. When two women argued that each was the true mother of a baby, what did Solomon say to do with the baby?
A. To divide it in half B. To give it to the first woman
C. To give it to the second woman D. To keep it himself
441. Which woman was given the baby?
A. The one who defended the baby B. Neither one
C. The one who agreed to divide the baby D. Both of them
442. How many proverbs did Solomon write?
A. 3,000 B. 157 C. 1,500 D. 2,000
443. How many songs did Solomon write?
A. 1,200 B. 1,005 C. 177 D. 3,200
444. To whom did Solomon send for trees?
A. Asaph B. Edom C. Hiram D. Shimei
445' What kind of trees did Solomon want?
A Oak B. Cedar C. Palm D. Walnut
446. What country did these trees come from?
A. Syria B. Sinai C. Ptolemy D. Lebanon
447. What did Solomon give Hiram in return?
A. Ivory B. Gold C. Horses D. Wheat and oil
448. Solomon began to build the temple years after the Israelites had left Egypt.
A. 400 B. 480 C. 530 D. 700
449. After Solomon's prayer at the temple dedication, what happened to the sacrifice?
A. Fire from heaven consumed it B. The priests ate it
C. Nothing D. It was left for the birds of the air
450. How many years did it take to build Solomon's house?
A. 1 B.6 C.9 D. 13
451. What queen came to see Solomon?
A. Cleopatra B. The queen of Sheba C. Esther
D. The queen of Egypt
452. Who succeeded Solomon as king?
A. Josiah B. Hosea C. Rehoboam D. Asa
453. Whom did the northern tribes of Israel choose for their king?
A. Rehoboam B. Saul C. Jeroboam D. Ahab
454. What did Jeroboam set up for the people to worship?
A. Two golden bears B. -IWo golden wolves C. Two golden lions D. Two golden calves
455. In what cities did he set these up?
A. Dan and Beersheba B. Jerusalem and Shiloh
C. Bethel and Dan D. Shechem and Gad
456. What did Omri call the capital city he built?
A. Samaria 0. Jerusalem C. Omri D. Bethel
457. Hiel rebuilt Jericho and fulfilled whose prophecy?
A. Joshua's B. Joseph's C. Abraham's D. Moses'
458. Who was. Ahab's wile?
A. Esther B. Athallah C. Jezebel D. Joanna
459. Elijah told Ahab that there wouldn't be
A Rain B. War C. Peace D. Judgment
460 What fed Elijah when he was by the brook Cherith?
A. Ravens B. Doves C. Owls D. Pigeons
461. At Zarephath, who did Elijah meet?
A. Ahab B. A widow C. Elisha D. An angel
462. Elijah told the widow tlsat Iwo meal and oil would last until God sent
A. Peace B. The Mr...•.1.111 C. Rain D. Prosperity
463. Whose son did Elijah raise to life?
A. His own son B. The widow's son C. Ahab's son
D. The Syrian's son
464. Where did Elijah challenge the prophets of Baal?
A. Mt. Sinai B. Mt. Olivet C. Mt. Ararat D. Mt. Carmel
465. How many prophets of Baal were there?
A. 450 B. 225 C. 76 D. 505
466. Whose sacrifice was consumed by fire?
A. Baal's prophets' B. Ahab's C. Elijah's D. Omri's
467. What happened to the prophets of Baal?
A. They were killed B. They were thrown into the sea
C. Nothing D. They served in Ahab's palace
468. What did Elijah pray for?
A. Mercy B. Patience C. Rain D. Strength
469. Who swore to kill Elijah?
A. Elisha B. Ahab C. Jehu D. Jezebel
470. As Elijah fled, under what kind of tree did he rest?
A. Cedar B. Oak C. Juniper D. Sycamore
471. An angel caused Elijah to eat and drink and then Elijah did not eat for days.
A.3 B.7 C. 20 D.40
472. As the Lord passed by Elijah, what was the Lord in?
A. Wind B. Earthquake C. Fire D. A still small voice
473. Whom was Elijah to anoint as a prophet?
A. Amos B. Elisha C. Jonah D. Nahum
474. The Lord told Elijah that there were in Israel who had not served idols.
A. 70 B. 700 C. 7,000 D. 70,000
475. Whom did Jezebel have killed so Ahab could have his vineyard?
A. Nabal B. Naboth C. Naaman D. Nadab
476. What happened when Elijah hit the Jordan River with his mantle?
A. Nothing B. His mantle got wet
C. He could walk on the watts D. The Jordan River divided
477. What did Elisha want from Elijah?
A. A double portion of his spirit B. His mantle
C. Elijah's scrolls D. Elijah's staff
478. What did Elisha have to do to get what he wanted?
A. Pray B. Sacrifice four oxen to God
C. Watch as Elijah went up into heaven
D. Bow before Elijah
479. How did Elijah go up into heaven?
A. By a whirlwind B. He was suddenly lifted up
C. Two angels took him D. By a cloud
480. What did Elisha do with Elijah's mantle?
A. He buried it B. He burnt it upon the altar
C. He parted the Jordan River D. He threw it into the Jordan River
481. What did Elisha pour into the waters of Jericho?
A. Oil B. Water from the Jordan River C. Meal D. salt
482. What did Elisha tell the widow to do with her one pot of oil?
A. Sell it B. Pour it into the borrowed pots
C. Use as little as possible
D. Pour it on the ground
483. What did the Shunammite woman have built for Elisha?
A. A house B. A tent C. A stable D. A room
484. Who was Elisha's servant?
A. Gaza B. Gehazi C. Baruch D. Barak
485. What did Elisha pour into the pot of poisoned food?
A. Water B. Oil C. Meal D. Salt
486. Naaman was the captain of the army of what country?
A. Israel B. Judah C. Syria D. Assyria
487. From what disease did Naaman suffer?
A. Dropsy B. Paralysis C. Blindness D. Leprosy
488. To whom did he go to be healed?
A. Elijah B. Gehazi C. Baruch D. Elisha
489. What did Elisha tell him to do to be cured?
A. To climb Mt. Sinai B. To fight the Assyrians
C. To wash seven times in the Jordan River D. To pray
490. At first Naaman refused. Who persuaded him to wash?
A. His servants B. Gehazi C. Elisha D. The king of Syria
491. What happened when Naaman washed in the Jordan River?
A. Nothing B. His servants laughed
C. He was healed D. Elisha told him he needed faith
492. Elisha refused Naaman's gifts, but who secretly accepted them?
A. Gehazi B. Baruch C. Elijah D. Naaman's servants
493. What was his punishment?
A. Naaman killed him B. He was struck blind
C. He could no longer walk D. He got Naaman's leprosy
494. How did Elisha recover an an head which had fallen into the river?
A. He made the an head float B. It was lost forever
C. He reached into the water and grabbed it
D. He dove in and found it
495. What happened when a dead body was thrown into Elisha's grave?
A. Nothing B. The tomb collapsed
C. The body became alive D. It vanished
496. Which nation conquered Israel?
A. Assyria B. Babylon C. Syria D. Egypt
497. Who was Assyria's captain?
A. Nebuchadnezzar B. Rezin C. Shallum D. Rabshakeh
498. When Assyria threatened Judah, to what prophet did Hezekiah go?
A. Elisha B. Isaiah C. Jeremiah D. Amos
499. How many Assyrians did the angel of the Lord kill?
A. 100,000 B. 10,500 C. 70,000 D. 185,000
500. Hezekiah was near death, but God extended his life for how many years?
A.5 B. 15 C.3 D.23
501. What sign from the sundial did Hezekiah ask for?
A. That the sundial would topple over
B. That the shadow would go forward ten degrees
C. That there would be no shadow on the sundial
D. That the shadow would go back ten degrees
502. Hezekiah showed all his possessions to men from what country?
A. Assyria B. Babylon C. Egypt D. Moab
503. What was found while the temple was being repaired?
A The lost treasury B. A dead body
C. The ark of the covenant D. The book of Of law
504. What Babylonian king captured Jerusalem?
A Nebuchadnezzar B. Cyrus C. Darius D. Nebuzaradan
505. The people killed Gedaliah, the governor, and Heil hi
A. Babylon B. Egypt C. Edom D. Syria
506. What king allowed the Jews to return to their homeland?
A. Nebuchadnezzar B. Saul C. Cyrus D. Nimrod
507. Who was the leader of the priests?
A. Jeshua B. Obed C. Eli D. fehoida
508. Who was the leader of the people?
A. Zechariah B. Cyrus C. Daniel D. Zerubbabel
509. What two prophets urged the people to rebuild the temple?
A. Ezra and Nehemiah B. Hosea and Micah C. Haggai and Zechariah D. Zephaniah and loel
510. What was Ezra's occupation?
A. Soldier B. King C. Scribe D. Butler
511. What had the people done that greatly upset Ezra?
A. They had married foreigners
B. They had worshiped idols
C. They had burned the book of the law
D. They had cursed Ezra
512. Nehemiah served in a palace in what city?
A. Babylon B. Persia C. Shushan D. Damascus
513. What was Nehemiah's occupation?
A. Soldier B. Priest C. Levite D. The king's cupbearer
514. What king did Nehemiah serve?
A. Artaxerxes B. Xerxes C. Cyrus D. David
515. What did Nehemiah request from the king?
A. Higher wages B. A white horse
C. A better job D. To go to Jerusalem
516. Who was Nehemiah's chief opponent?
A. Ezra B. Ezekiel C. Sanballat D. Daniel
517. How long did it take to complete lerusalem's wall?
A. 33 days B. 52 days C. 91 days D. 13 months
518. Who was king during Esther's time?
A. Cyrus B. Darius C. Ahasuerus D. Shallum
519. Over how many provinces did he rule?
A. 53 B. 77 C. 127 D. 183
520. In what city was the palace located?
A. Damascus B. Jerusalem C. Persepolis D. Shushan
521. Who was Ahasuerus' queen?
A. Ruth B. Rachel C. Drusilla D. Vashti
522. The king deposed Vashti as queen when she refused to do what?
A. Leave the room B. Come to him
C. Stop talking D. Take care of their son
523. Who was chosen as the new queen?
A. Rahab B. Esther C. Sheba D. Dinah
524. What was Esther's other name?
A. Hannah B. Hadassah C. Hagar D. Haran
525. Who had raised Esther?
A. Haman B. Ahasuerus C. Vashti D. Mordecai
526. What relation was Mordecai to Esther?
A. Father B. Cousin C. Uncle D. No relation
527. Who leamed of a plot against King Ahasuerus?
A. Haman B. Mordecai C. Esther D. Vashti
528. To whom did Mordecai reveal the plot?
A. Esther B. Haman C. Ahasuerus D. Vashti
529. Whom did King Ahasuerus promote?
A. Haman B. Vashti C. Esther D. Ezra
530. Who refused to bow to Haman?
A. Esther B. Vashti C. Arioch D. Mordecai
531. Haman conspired to kill what group of people?
A. Persians B. Jews C. Syrians D. Samaritans
532. Before an uninvited visitor could see the king, the king had to hold what out?
A. His hand B. His crown C. His robe D. His sceptre
533. Who said, "If I perish, I perish"?
A. Vashti B. Esther B. Haman D. Mordecai
534. Whom did Esther invite to her banquet?
A. The royal court B. Haman and Mordecai
C. Vashti and Haman D. Ahasuerus and Haman
535. What was Esther's request at the banquet?
A To promote Mordecai
B. For them to attend another banquet
C. To stop killing the Jews
D. To promote Haman
536. Who was Haman's wife?
A. Vashti B. Esther C. Zoar D. Zeresh
537. What did Haman's wife advise him to build?
A. A new house B. A gallows
C New stables D. A high tower
538. Why did the king bestow honor on Mordecai?
A. For being Esther's cousin B. For fighting bravely
C. For revealing an assassination plot
D. For showing the king how to save money
539. Who paraded Mordecai through the streets?
A. Ahasuerus B. Esther C. Haman D. Ezra
540. At the next banquet, what was Esther's request?
A. To be seated by the king B. To promote Haman
C. To promote Mordecai
D. To save the Jews from being killed
541. What happened to Haman?
A. He was promoted B. He was exiled
C. He was imprisoned D. He was killed
542. Who took Haman's place?
A. Esther B. Zeresh C. Ahasuerus D. Mordecai
543. What happened to the Jews on the day they were to be killed?
A. Nothing B. The Jews were killed
C. The Jews were imprisoned
D. The Jews killed their opponents
544 What holiday was instituted to recall the saving of the Jews?
A. Hanukkah B. Purim C. Easter D. Christmas
545. Where did Job live?
A. Ur B. Uz C. Uriah D. Urim
546. On the day that the sons of God came before the Lord, who else came?
A. lob B. Satan C. Bildad D. Amram
547. God allowed Satan to touch Job's possessions, but he was forbidden to touch who?
A. God B. Elihu C. Zophar D. Job
548. lob's children, camels, sheep, oxen, and donkeys were lost in now many days?
A. 12 B. 1 C.3 D.8
549. When God allowed Satan to touch fob, what was he forbidden to do? A. Make him sick B. Give him dreams
C. Make him curse God D. Kill him
550. What did Job have all over his body?
A. Skin B. Boils C. Leprosy D. Bruises
551. Who advised Job to "curse God and die"?
A. Satan B. His son C. Elihu D. His wife
552. Who were Job's three friends?
A. Elihu, Samuel, and Jehu
B. Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar
C. Eliphaz, Elihu, and Bildad
D. Baalam, Zophar, and Amos
553. When Job's friends came, no one spoke for how many days?
A. I B.3 C.7 D. 10
554. The Lord answered Job out of what?
A. Fire B. Earthquake C. Cloud D. Whirlwind
555. Who was to pray for Job's friend?
A. Elihu B. Job C. The Lord D. Satan
556. The Lord gave Job how much more than he had before?
A. Half as much B. Twice as much
C. Ten times more D. Twenty times more
557. Who wrote the Psalms?
A. Samuel B. David C. Eli D. Solomon
558. "My cup runneth over" is found in which Psalm?
A. Psalm 100 B. It is not in Psalms C. Psalm 2 D. Psalm 23
559. Who wrote the Proverbs?
A. David B. Solomon C. Ezekiel D. Rehoboam
560. "The is the beginning of wisdom."
A. Curious mind B. Fear of the Lord
C. Asking of questions D. Word of God
561. "A answer turneth away wrath."
A. Soft B. Wise C. Hasty D. Witty
562. Some of the Proverbs were not written by Solomon hot by
A. Lemuel B. Rehoboam C. Samuel D. Eli
563. What is the repeated saying in Ecclesiastes?
A. Praise the Lord! B. Beware Of false prophets
C. Mind the law D. Vanity of vanities
564. "To everything there is a ______ and a time lo every purpose under the heaven."
A. Reason B. Season C. Plan D. God
565. "And they shall beat their swords into
A. Spears B. Dust C. Sickles D. Plowshares
566. Isaiah saw God on the throne in the year died.
A. Uzziah B. Solomon C. Jotham D. Nebuchadnezzar
567. How many wings did the seraphim have?
A.2 B.4 C.6 D.8
568.. "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name ______"
A. Immanuel B. Christ C. Messiah D. Isaiah
569. Who was Isaiah's son?
A. Zebulur. B. Zechariah
C. Maher-shalal-hash-baz D. Amoz
570. Isaiah 53 speaks of Christ's
A. Birth B. Resurrection C. Sufferings D. Ascension
571. Jeremiah told the people that they would live by what?
A. Fighting B. Faith C. Surrendering D. Fleeing
572. Jeremiah predicted the captivity would last years.
A. 70 B.2 C.7 D.33
573. Who wrote for Jeremiah, as Jeremiah spoke?
A. Barak B. Balaam C. Baruch D. Baal
574. Jeremiah was accused of what crime?
A Murder B. 'Treason C. Stealing D. Adultery
575. What did the princes do with Jeremiah?
A. Killed him B. Released him
C. Banished him D. Imprisoned him
576. Jeremiah was forced to go to what ciinniiV
A. Babylon B. Syria C. Persia D.Egypt
577 Who wrote Lamentations?
A Isaiah B. Jeremiah C Ezekiel D. Daniel
578. Ezekiel saw Odom while he wnn by what Hoer?
A Nile It Imtlne l t felon I, Anton
579. What was Ezekiel's occupation?
A Scribe B King C. Priest D. Craftsman
580. By what title is Ezekiel referred to?
A. Son of perdition B. Son of God
C. Son of shame D. Son of man
581. What was Ezekiel commanded to eat?
A. Honey B. Locusts C. Shewbread D. A book
582. The Lord brought Ezekiel to a valley full of
A. Wheat B. Bones C. Locusts D. Rivers
583. What king took Daniel to Babylon?
A. Josiah B. David C. Zedekiah D. Nebuchadnezzar
584. What was Daniel renamed?
A. Adam B. Belteshazzar C. Baruch D. Belshazzar
585. Daniel's friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, were renamed what?
A. Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar B. Jacob, Esau, and Asa
C. Elihu, Bildad, and Jael
D. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
586. Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of a statue whose head was made of
A. Silver B. Brass C. Iron D. Gold
587. Nebuchadnezzar's statue had arms made of
A. Brass B. Silver C. Gold D. Iron
588. Nebuchadnezzar's statue had a belly made of
A. Gold B. Iron C. Silver D. Brass
589. Nebuchadnezzar's statue had legs made of
A. Silver B. Iron C. Brass D. Gold
590. Nebuchadnezzar's statue had feet made of iron and
A. Brass B. Mire C. Gold D. Clay
591 What broke Nebuchadnezzar's statue?
A An earthquake B. A stone C. Fire D. A whirlwind
592. What did Nebuchadnezzar set up in Dura?
A A palace B. A tower C. An image D. A prison
593. What were the people commanded to do when the music started?
A. To dlance B. To tum around C. To bow down D. To hide
594. Who mlhin't bow down before Nebuchadnezzar's image?
A 411m.isis. h It Meshach C. Abednego D. All of the above
595. What happened to them?
A. They were killed B. They were imprisoned
C. They were promoted
D. They were thrown into the fiery furnace
596. What happened to the guards who threw them into the furnace?
A. The king killed them B. The fire killed them
C. They fell into the furnace D. They were promoted
597. Nebuchadnezzar saw four people in the furnace. Whom did he say the fourth person looked like?
A. A guard B. The Son of God C. Daniel D. A lion
598. What did Nebuchadnezzar tell Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to do?
A. To fan themselves B. To come out of the furnace
C. To stay in the furnace D. To pray to his god
599. What did Nebuchadnezzar do to them when they came out?
A. Imprisoned them B. Threw them into the lions' den
C. Banished them D. Promoted them
600. Who saw the handwriting on the wall?
A. Nebuchadnezzar B. Belshazzar C. Cyrus D. Darius
601. Who interpreted the handwriting on the wall?
A. Shadrach B. Daniel C. Cyrus D. Belshazzar
602. What happened to Belshazzar that night?
A. He was killed B. He was imprisoned
C. He was exiled D. He fled to Egypt
603. Who was the king after Belshazzar?
A. Darius B. Daniel C. Nebuchadnezzar D. Josiah
604. Who was thrown into the lions' den?
A. Shadrach B. Meshach C. Abednego D. Daniel
605. Why was Daniel thrown into the lions' den?
A. For murder B. For praying
C. For treason D. For stealing
C606)Who had shut the lions' mouths?
A. Daniel B. The king C. Meshach D. An angel
607. What happened to Daniel's accusers?
A. They were exiled
B. They were thrown into the lions' den
C. They fled to Syria D. They were promoted
608. Who was Hosea's wife?
IT A. Esther B. Hanani C. Sheba D. Comer
609. For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the
A. Harvest B. Reward C. Whirlwind D. Consequences
610. What was Amos' occupation?
A. Baker B. Scribe C. Shepherd D. Craftsman
611. Amos said there would be a famine, not of bread, but of what?
A. The joy of the Lord B. Peace in the valley
C. Meat D. Hearing the words of the lord
612. The theme of Obadiah is the judgment of what country?
A. Israel B. Judah C. Babylon It. Edom
613. Who was Jonah's father?
A. Amoz B. Amram C. Amalek D. Amittal
614. God told Jonah to go to
A. Jerusalem B. Nineveh C. Damascus D. Samaria
615. But Jonah decided to go to
A. Nineveh B. Tarshish C. Jericho D. Jerusalem
616. Jonah boarded a ship in
A. Nineveh B. Joppa C. Mt. Cannel D. Jericho
617. What method did the sailors use to find the cause of the storm?
A. They looked at the stars B. They looked at the sun
C. They drew signs D. They cast lots
618. What did the sailors do with Jonah?
A. Threw him overboard
B. Put him in the hold of the ship
C. Put him in the lifeboat D. Strangled him
619.,What swallowed Jonah?
A. A great fish B. The waves
C. An octopus D. A great white shark
620. How long was Jonah in the fish?
A. One day B. Three days C. Seven days D.
Ten days (62)How did Jonah get out of the big fish?
A. He swam out B. The fish vomited him out
C. The sailors came in and got him
D. He did not get out
622. Jonah preached that in days Nineveh would be overthrown.
A. One hundred and twenty B. Many C. The last D. Forty
623. What did the Ninevites do?
A. They stoned Jonah B. They fasted
C. They prayed to their idols D. They ignored Jonah
624. Did God destroy Nineveh in forty days?
A. Partially B. Yes C. Completely D. No
625. How many people lived in Nineveh?
A. 30,000 B. 120,000 C. 234,000 D. 500,000
626. Micah predicted that Christ would be born where?
A. Jerusalem B. Jericho C. Bethlehem D. Shiloh
627. Nahum prophesied against what city?
A. Damascus B. Babylon C. Nineveh D. Jerusalem
628. God told Habakkuk that He would send what nation to punish the Jews?
A. Assyrians B. Romans C. Egyptians D. Chaldeans
629. Haggai urged the people to continue building
A. The walls of Jerusalem B. Their houses C. Their idols D. The temple
630 Malachi told the people that they had robbed God by not doing what?
A. Honoring their parents
B. Paying their tithes and offerings
C. Offering their sacrifices
D. Keeping the sabbath holy
631. If Who was Zacharias' wife?
A Anna B. Mary C. Phanuel D. Elisabeth
632. Who told Zacharias that he and Elisabeth would have a son,
A Elkabeth B. An angel C. Mary D. Joseph
633. What was the angel's name?
A Micah B. Gabriel C. Michael D. Lucifer
634. Zecharias was unable to do what until after his son was born?
A ,Speak, B. Hear C. Walk D. Sleep
635. Who was Zacharias' •.on?
A. John the Baptist B Simeon C Justus D. Levi
636 Who was Jesus' !mallet?
A. Martha B. mary C. Sarah D. Elisabeth
637. Who was Mary's husband?
A. Zecharias B. Joseph C. John D. Peter
638. What angel appeared to Mary?
A. Michael B. Lucifer C. Malachi D. Gabriel
639. What was the relationship between Mary and Elisabeth?
A. Elisabeth was Mary's mother B. They were cousins
C. Elisabeth was Mary's aunt
D. Elisabeth was Mary's grandmother
640. When Joseph knew that Mary was pregnant, what did he decide to do?
A. Marry her B. Have her stoned C. Take her to Egypt
D. Put her away privately
641 )Who convinced Joseph to take Mary as his wife?
A. Mary B. An angel C. Jesus D. Mary's mother
642. What does Immanuel mean?
A. What hath God wrought B. God with us
C. The Word of God D. The King of Israel
643. From what great king was Joseph descended?
A. Nebuchadnezzar B. David C. Saul D. Caesar
644. Who decreed that all the world would be taxed?
A. Herod B. Caesar Augustus C. Pilate D. Agrippa
645. Who was governor of Syria when Jesus was born?
A. Simeon B. Cyrenius C. Pilate D. Zacharias
646. rom what city did Joseph and Mary come?
A. Bethlehem B. Nazareth C. Jerusalem D. Capernaum
647. To what city did Joseph and Mary go?
A. Jerusalem B. Jericho C. Nazareth D. Bethlehem
648.'Where was Jesus born?
A. Bethlehem B. Jerusalem C. Nazareth D. Caesarea
649. In what country was Bethlehem?
A. Judea B. Samaria C. Galilee D. Pontus
650. Who was king over Judea when Jesus was bom?
A. Pilate B. Festus C. Agrippa D. Herod
651. Where was the baby lesus laid?
A. In a room B. In a manger C. In a window
D. On the floor
652. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?
A. One B. Forty C. three D A multitude
653. Who said, "Glory to God in the highest"?
A. The angels B. The shepherds C. Mary D. Joseph
654. Where did the shepherds go, after the angels left?
A. Jerusalem B. Nazareth C. Bethany C. Bethlehem
655. How many days old was Jesus when he was circumcised?
A. Two B. Eight C. Ilvelve D. Twenty-one
656. Who came from the east to see Jesus?
A. Simeon B. The wise men C. The shepherds D. Anna 657. How many wise men came to see Jesus?
A. 'No B. Four C. The Bible doesn't say D. Three
658. What had led the wise men?
A. A star B. A. Arab guide C. The sun D. Their instincts
659. What Old Testament prophet predicted Christ would be bom in Bethlehem?
A. Zechariah Is Malachi C. Amos D. Micah
660. Herod told the wise men to return and tell him where the Christ child was so Herod could
A. Worship Him B. Kill Him C. Give Him a gift D. Make Him king
66IIThe wise men's gifts were gold, frankincense, and
A. Silver B. Jewels C. Myrrh D. Pearls
662)Who warned the wise men not to return to Herod?
A. An angel B. Joseph C. Mary D. God
663.:Where did the angel tell Joseph to take his family?
A. Jerusalem B. Bethlehem C. Egypt D. Samaria
664. What did Herod do to the children of Bethlehem who were two or younger?
A Gave them a party B. Brought them to Jerusalem C. Nothing D. Killed them
665. After Herod died, who told Joseph to return to Israel?
A. No one B. Mary C An angel D. Jesus
666. Who ruled after Herod?
A. Pilate B. Philip C. Agrippa D. Archelaus
667. Where did loseph and his family live?
A. Capernaum It leiusalem C. Nazareth D. Bethlehem
668. God said who would not die until he had seen Christ?
A. Zacharias B. Simeon C. Joseph D. John the Baptist
685.,Who said, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world"?
A. John the Baptist B. Jesus C. Peter D. Mary
686. Two of John's disciples followed Jesus. Name one of them.
A. Andrew B. Peter C. Judas D. James
687 Who did Andrew first tell about Jesus?
A. Peter B. James C. Bartholomew D. Philip
688. What does Cephas mean?
A. A stone B. A king C. A servant D. A light
689. Who did Philip tell about Christ?
A. Nathaniel B. John C. Levi D. Andrew
690 In what city was Jesus' first miracle?
A. Cana B. Jerusalem C. Bethlehem D. Capernaum
691. What was Jesus' first miracle?
A. He turned water into wine B. He healed blind Bartimaeus
C. He raised Lazarus from the dead D. He healed ten lepers
692. Who came to see Jesus by night?
A. Nicodemus B Zacchaeus C. John the Baptist D. Caiaphas
693. In the Old Testament, who had "lifted up the serpent in the wilderness"?
A. Moses B. God C. Elijah D. Aaron
694. In what country was Sychar?
A. Samaria B. Galilee C. Judea D. Decapolis
695. How many husbands had the woman at the well had?
A. Five B. One C. Three D. Seven
696. Jesus preached to the people from whose ship?
A. James' B. John's C. Thomas' D. Peter's
697. What was Peter's other name?
A. Samuel B. Simon C. James D. John
698. Who was Peter's brother?
A. Simon B. James C. John D. Andrew
699. What did Peter and Andrew do for a living?
A. They were tax collectors B. They were fishermen
C. They were soldiers D. They were scribes
700. Jesus said, "I will make you of men."
A. Respected B. Harvesters C. Loved D. Fisher
701. Who was James' brother?
A. Peter B. John C. ludas D. Bartholomew
702. Who was James' and John's father?
A. Simeon B. Jochebed C. Zebedee D. Thomas
703. What was Levi's other name?
A. Simon B. Matthew C. Mark D. Jude
704. Who was Matthew's father?
A. Jonas B. Silas C. Alphaeus D. Cyrene
705. Who were called Boanerges?
A. James and John B. Peter and Andrew
C. Jesus and John the Baptist D. The twelve disciples
706. What does Boanerges mean?
A. Sons of thunder B. Sons of compassion
C. Sons of Israel D. Sons of heaven
707. Who was Didymus?
A. Thomas B. Levi C. Jduas D. fames
708. Which disciple made a feast for Jesus?
A. Peter B. Matthew C. Thomas D. Judas
709. What was Matthew's occupation?
A. Fisherman B. Tax collector C. Pharisee D. Farmer
710. How many disciples did Jesus have?
A. Twelve B. Six C. Fourteen D. TWenty-Five
711. Which disciple's mother-in-law did Jesus heal?
A. John's B. Peter's C. Thomas' D. Philip's
712. In Jerusalem, Jesus healed a man by a pool which was called what?
A. Bethesda B. Siloam C. Salem D. Beautiful
713. How long had this lame man had his infirmity?
A. Thirty-eight years B. Ten years C. Forty-seven years
D. Fourteen years
714. Why did the Pharisees get mad when Jesus healed a may with a withered hand?
A. They did not like the man
B. Jesus had healed him on the Sabbath
C. They did not get mad D. They had wanted to heal the man
715. "This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by the prince of the devils."
A. Lucifer B. Beelzebub C. Satan D. Baal
716. Jesus said the Pharisees would get the sign of the prophet
A. Isaiah B. Jonah C. Micah D. Malachi
717. "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for
A. They shall be comforted B. They shall obtain mercy
C. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven D. They shall see God
718. "Blessed are they that mourn: for
A. They shall be called the children of God B. They shall see God
C. They shall be filled D. They shall be comforted
719. "Blessed are the meek: for
A. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven
B. They shall obtain mercy C. They shall see God
D. They shall inherit the earth
720. "Blessed an- they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for
A. They shill be comlot ted B. They shall see God
C. They shall obtain mercy D. They shall be filled
721. "Blessed are the merciful for
A. They shall be called the children of God
B. They shall obtain mercy
C. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven
D. They shall inherit the earth
722. "Blessed are the pure in heart: for
A. They shall be comforted B. They shall be filled
C. They shall obtain mercy D. They shall see God
723. "Blessed are the peacemakers: for
A. They shall inherit the earth
B. They shall be called the children of God
C. They shall see God D. They shall be comforted
724. "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for
A. They shall inherit the earth B. They shall be filled
C. They shall obtain mercy D. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven
725. "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.
A. Retaliate swiftly upon them
B. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad C. Watch and pray D. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord
726. Jesus said Christians are the "salt of the earth" and the " of the world
A offscouring B. Example C. Light D. Honorable
727. Jesus said, " your enemies."
A Respect B. Hate C. Love D. Fight
728. "Behold the • for they sow not, neither do they reap."
A Lilies of the field B. Soldiers of Rome
C. Scribes and Pharisees D. Fowls of the air
729. Jesus said Solomon was not arrayed like one of these. One of what?
A The priests B. Fowls of the air C. Angels of Gotl
D. Lilies of the field
730. Jesus said to seek what first?
A. Security B. The kingdom of God
C. The friendship of the world D. The joy of the Lord
731. Jesus said that whoever heard His words and did them was like a man who built his house on
A. Sand B. A rock C. A mountain D. Grass
732. Jesus said that whoever heard His words but did not do them was like a man who built his house on what?
A. A hill B. Sand C. A rock D. Dreams
733. Who wanted Jesus just to speak a word so that his servant would be healed?
A. Peter B. A centurion C. lairus D. Martha
734. In what city did Jesus raise to life the only son of a widow woman? A. Bethany B. Jerusalem C. Nain D. Capemaum
735 What prisoner sent two disciples to see Jesus?
A. Barabbas B. Peter C. ludas D. lohn the Baptist
736 John the Baptist condemned Herod for marrying
A. Salome B. Herodias C. Drusilla D. Bernice
737 Who had Herodias been married to?
A. Archelaus B. Pilate C. Philip D. Caesar
738. Who danced before Herod?
A lohn the Baptist B. Herodias' daughter
C. Herollas D. Pilate
739. Ihnl John the Baptist executed?
A. JesusB Agrippa C. Caesar D. Herod
740. When Peter asked if he should forgive someone seven times, Jesus told him to forgive how many times?
A. 3 B. 12 C. 700 D. 70 times 7
741. Jesus said when an unclean spirit returns home he brings how many other spirits with him?
A. Tlvo B. Three C. Five D. Seven
742. Jesus said torah was a sign to
A. The Israelites B. Judah C. The Syrians D. The Ninevites
743. Jesus said that no man places a lighted candle
A. In a wind storm B. In the daylight C. Under a bushel D. In the city
744 Jesus said five sparrows were sold for how many farthings?
A. Four B. Three C. Two D. On
745. What was the rich fool going to do with his old barns?
A. Paint them B. Tear them down C. Move them D. Sell them
746. Jesus likened Herod to what animal?
A. Owl B. Fox C. Donkey D. Dove
747 Who "killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee"?
A. Herod B. Pilate C. The Pharisees D. Jerusalem
748 Who were lames, loses, Judas, and Simon?
A. Jesus' half brothers B. Four of the disciples
C. Jewish priests D. The Jewish high court
749 Who was called Legion?
A. The demoniac B. The centurion
C. The twelve disciples D. The family of God
750 lesus allowed some demons to be cast into what animals?
A. Cows B. Pigs C. Sheep D. Donkeys
751, The demons were cast into how many pigs?
A. 200 B. 2,000 C. 500 D. 5,000
752 Who was the ruler whose daughter was near death?
A. The centurion B. Ananias C. Jairus D. Joel
753. What three disciples went with Jesus to lairus' house?
A. Peter, Andrew, and lames
B. Peter, James, and John
C. Andrew, Thomas, and Philip
D. Bartholomew, Judas, and Matthew
754. How old was Jairus' daughter?
A Twelve B. Six C. Eighteen D. Fourteen
755. Jesus healed a woman who had had a blood disease for how many years?
A. Twelve B. Eighteen C. Sixteen D. Ten
756. Another name for the Sea of Galilee is the Sea of
A. Tiberias B. Caesar C. Capernaum D. Salt
757. Whom did Jesus ask about feeding the multitude of people?
A. Philip B. Peter C. John D. Thaddeus
758. Who told Jesus about the boy with a lunch?
A. Andrew B. Philip C. Matthew D. Bartholomew
759. Vith how many loaves and fishes did Jesus feed the multitude?
A. One loaf and one fish B. Five loaves and two fish
C. Ten loaves and five fish D. "Brio loaves and five fish
760. How many people did Jesus feed?
A. 3,000 B. 5,000 C. 1,000 D. 1,500
761. How many baskets of food were left over?
A. Twelve B. Seven C. Five D. Ten ,L762.,Who walked on water?
A. Jesus B. Andrew C. James D. John
763. Which disciple walked on water?
A. Bartholomew B. Judas C. John D. Peter
764. Jesus used 7 loaves and a few fish to feed people.
A. 5,000 B. 4,000 C. 3,000 D. 2,000
765. How many baskets of food were left over?
A. Twelve B. Seven C. Ten D. Fourteen
766. Who sinned and caused the man to be born blind?
A. His father B. The blind man C. His parents D. No one
767. Where did Jesus tell the blind man to go and wash?
A. The pool of Siloam B. Jordan River
C. Dead Sea D. Bethesda
768. Near what city did Jesus ask, "Whom do men say that 1 the Son of man am?
A. Jerusalem B. Caesarea Philippi C. Nazareth D. Sychar
769. Who did Peter say Jesus was?
A. A great teacher B. The Christ
C. A great healer D. The Deliver
770. What three disciples witnessed Jesus' transfiguration?
A. Peter, Andrew, and John
B. Peter, James, and John
C. James, Judas, and Philip
D. Peter, Andrew, and James
771. What two Old Testament characters appeared with Jesus?
A. Michael and Gabriel B. Moses and Elijah
C. Elijah and Enoch D. Noah and Abraham
772. What did Peter want to build for them?
A. Tabernacles B. Towers C. Altars D. Images
773. From where did a voice say, "This is my beloved Son"?
A. From a cloud B. From a whirlwind
C. From the fire D. From an earthquake
774. What did Jesus say Peter would find in a fish's mouth?
A. A worm B. A scroll C. A hook D. Money
775. Jesus said to become like whom in order to enter the kingdom of heaven?
A. Jesus B. Children C. Pharisees D. God
776. Which disciples wanted to call fire from heaven to punish the Samaritans?
A. Peter and Andrew B. Matthew and Thomas
C. Peter and Judas D. James and John
777. How many people did Jesus send out by twos?
A. Thirty B. Seventy C. One hundred D. Ten
778. When someone asked, "Who is my neighbor?", what parable did Jesus teach?
A. The Prodigal Son B. The Good Samaritan
C. The Rich Fool D. The Wheat and Tares
779. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, a man was robbed on his way to what city?
A. Jericho B. Nazareth C. Jerusalem D. Bethany
780. Who was the first to pass the robbery victim?
A. A Samaritan B. A Roman C. A priest D. A Levite
781. Who was the second to pass the robbery victim?
A. A Samaritan B. A Roman C. A priest D. A Levite
782. Who was the third person to pass the robbery victim?
A. A Samaritan B. A Roman C. A priest D. A Levite
783. Who was Martha's sister?
A Miriam B. Mary C. Sarah D. Elisabeth
784. Who was busy fixing dinner while Jesus taught?
A Mary B. Lazarus C. Peter D. Martha
785. the disciples said to Jesus, ''Lord, teach us to pray, as also taught his disciples."
A Eli B. Elisha C. Jeremiah D. John
786. Jesus said, "If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a ____?"
A. Scorpion B. Snake C. Sneer D. Stone
787 A man had ninety-nine sheep at home, but how many were lost?
A. Ten B. One C. One hundred D. twenty-three
788. A woman had ten pieces of silver and lost how many?
A. Three B. One C. Ten D. Five
789. In the parable of the Prodigal Son, which son asked for his inheritance?
A. The younger son B. The middle son
C. The elder son D. All his sons
790. After he lost his money, what job did the Prodigal Son have?
A. Feeding pigs B. Fishing
C. A tax collector D. A soldier
791. When the Prodigal Son returned home, what did his father do?
A. Made him a servant B. Sent him away
C. Made him feed the pigs D. Threw a feast for him
792. Who refused to go to the feast?
A. The younger son B. The elder son
C. The father D. The servants
793. Who was the beggar who stayed at the rich man's gate?
A. Bartimaeus B. Lazarus C. Simeon D. Titus
794. Where did Lazarus go when he died?
A. Hell B. Abraham's bosom C. Utopia D. No where
795. Where did the rich man go when he died?
A. Heaven B. Hell C. Abraham's bosom D. Utopia
796. What did the rich man want Lazarus to do?
A. Bring him to heaven B. Nothing C. Visit him
4 D. Give him a drop of water
797. How many brothers did the rich man have?
A. Seven B. Five C. Three D. Zero
798. How many lepers did Jesus heal at one time?
A. One B. Ten C. Zero D. Three
799. How many lepers returned to thank Jesus?
A. One B. Ten C. Zero D. Three
800. Of what nationality was the leper who thanked Jesus?
A Roman B. Galilean C. Judean D. Samaritan
801. Jesus said to remember wife.
A. Peter's B. Lot's C. Abraham's D. John's
802. From what town was Lazarus?
A. Bethany B. Jerusalem D. Jericho D. Bethlehem
803. Who were Lazarus' sisters?
A Mary and Martha B. Salome and Joanna
C. Mary and Salome D. Martha and Joanna
804. How many days had Lazarus been dead?
A. Four B. One C. Seven D. Three
803. Who prevented the children from coming to Jesus?
A. The disciples B. Herod C. Jesus D. The Pharisees
806. What did Jesus do to the children?
A Rebuked them B. Called them C. Disciplined them D. Sent them away
807 After meeting Jesus, who went away sad because he had much riches?
A. The rich young ruler B. Nicodemus
C. The prodigal son D. Matthew noti "It is easier for a to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
A. Elephant B. Rich man D. Pharisee D. Camel
809 Who was the blind man at Jericho that Jesus healed?
A. Simon B. Bartimaeus C. !aims D. Cleopas
810. Where did Zacchaeus live?
A. lerusalem B. Bethany C. Jericho D. Samaria
811 What was Zacchaeus' occupation?
A Tax collector B. Centurion C. Fisherman D. Priest
812. What slid Zacchaeus do in order to see Jesus?
A He climbed a tree B. He looked down from a roof
C. He stood on someone's shoulder D. He sat on a camel
813. What kind of tree did he climb?
A. Sycamore R Walnut D. Oak D. Olive
814. What did Jesus do to Zacchaeus?
A. Rebuked him B Went to his house
C. Made Zacchaeus leave lown D. Left him in the tree
815. tin chiietis said he would repay how much?
A. Two-fold B. Three-fold C. Four-fold D. Ten-fold
816. Who anointed the feet of Jesus?
A Mary 13. Martha C. Simon D. Judas
817. Who said the ointment could have been sold?
A Judas B. Simon C. Jesus D. Martha
818. Jesus sent His disciples for a donkey while He was at
A Mount of Olives B. Mt. Sinai
C. Mt. Zion D. Mt. Moriah
819 What Old Testament prophet predicted Jesus would ride into Ic•tusalem on a donkey?
A. Isaiah B. Jeremiah C. Malachi D. Zechariah
820. What kind 'Of branches were placed before Jesus?
A. Palm B. Sycamore C. Cedar D. Spruce
821. When the Pharisees rebuked the people for calling to Jesus, what did Jesus say would cry out?
A. Stones B. Children C. Palm trees D. Priests
822. Who drove the moneychangers from the temple?
A Caiaphas B. Peter C. The Pharisees D. Jesus
823. "My house shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it a (len of
A. Iniquity B. Lions C. Thieves D. Murderers
824. Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?
A. It was in the way B. It was covered with leaves It had no fruit D. He didn't
825. Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto the things that are God's."
A Jesus B. God C. The temple D. The priests
826. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love
A Yourself B. Your neighbor C. Others D. God
827. Jesus said the second greatest commandment was to love
A Your neighbor C. Jesus D. Yourself
828. "But as the ways of _____were, so shall also the coming of the
A Isaish B.Noah C. Abraham D. Enoch
829. esus said Jerusalem would be trodden down by
A. Romans B. Jews C. Gentiles D. Samaritans
830. "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my shall not pass away."
A. Disciples B. Words C. Example D. Life
823. Which Jewish group did not believe in angels?
A. Pharisees B. Scribes C. Sadducees D. Zealots
824. Whom did Jesus commend for throwing two mites into the treasury?
A. A widow B. Judas C. Nicodemus D. Matthew
825. The woman who anointed Jesus with oil was in house.
A. Simon Peter's B. Simon the leper's
C. Mary and KIT iha's D. John Mark's
826. How much could the ointment have been sold for?
A. 30 pieces of silver B. 500 pence
C. I penny D. 300 pence
835. What mother wanted her sons to sit by Jesus in His kingdom?
A. Peter and Andrew's mother
B. Philip and Bartholomew's mother
C. ludas and Thomas' mother D. James and John's mother
836. What two disciples were sent to prepare the passover?
A. Peter and John B. Peter and Andrew
C. James and John D. Thomas and Philip
837. Jesus told His disciples to follow a man carrying what?
A. Bread B. A pitcher C. Palm leaves D. Meat
838. Where was the passover held?
A. In the temple B. In the upper room
C. At Peter's house D. In Bethlehem
839. Who did not want their feet washed?
A. Peter B. Judas C. James D. Andrew
840. Who wanted to sift Simon as wheat?
A. Satan B. Jesus C. Pilate D. Judas
841. How many swords did the disciples have?
A. Zero B. One C. 'tWo D. Three
842. In what garden did Jesus pray?
A. The flower garden B. The Garden of Eden
C. The Olivet garden D. The Garden of Gethsemane
843. What three disciples did Jesus ask to pray with Him?
A. Peter, James and John
B. Matthew, Mark, and Luke ,
C. Philip, Thomas, and Jude
D. John, James, and Judas
844. How many times did Jesus catch the disciples sleeping?
A. One B. Five C. Zero D. Three
845. Who betrayed Jesus?
A. Peter B. Judas C. Thomas D. Philip
846. How many pieces of silver did Judas receive for betraying Jesus?
A Thirty B. Twenty C. One hundred D. Forty
847. With what sign did Judas betray Jesus?
A. He pointed at Jesus B. He kissed Jesus
C. He swung a sword at Jesus
D. He hugged Jesus
848. Which disciple cut off the servant's ear?
A Peter B. John C. Philip D. lames
849. What was the name of the servant whose ear was cut off?
A Malchus B. Simeon C. Annas D. Caiaphas
850. What was the highpriest's name?
A Pilate B. Justus C. Ananias D. Caiaphas
851. Who was Caiaphas' father-in-law?
A. Annas B. Pilate C. Herod D. Caesar
852. How did Judas die?
A. The priests killed him B. He hanged himself
C. He was struck by lightning D. The disciples killed him
853. What was purchased with the money Judas threw on the temple Itro
A. New garments for the priests B. The potter's field
C. A new altar D. A tomb for Jesus
854. Who was governor over Judea?
A Herod B. Pilate C. Caiaphas D. Caesar
855. To whom did Pilate send Jesus?
A Herod B. Caesar C. No one D. Judas
856. Pilate sent Jesus to Herod because lesus was from where')
A Samaria B. Judea C. Pontus D. Galilee
857. What did Jesus tell tiered?
A That he was evil B. Nothing
C. That he was an adulterer D. That he was innocent
858. Who said, "What is truth?"
A. Pilate B. Herod C Jesus D Calaphas
859. What prisoner did Pilate release?
A. Jesus B. Judas C. Herod D. Barabbas
860. Who had a dream about Jesus and warned Pilate?
A. Herod B. Pilate's wife C. Caiaphas D Peter
861. The crowd said that Pilate would not be whose friend II Ire ...leased Jesus?
A. Caesar's B. Herod's C. The Jews' D. The Priests'
862. What was placed on Jesus' head?
A. A golden crown B. A crown of thorns
C. A scarlet hood D. A laurel wreath
863. Who carried Jesus' cross?
A. Simon of Cyrene B. Peter C. Judas D. Barabbas
864. Who was Alexander and Rufus' father?
A. Judas B. Simon of Cyrene C. Matthew D. Nicodemus
865. Who did Jesus tell to "weep for yourselves"?
A. The disciples B. Peter and Judas C. The priests
D. The women of Jerusalem
866. Where was Jesus crucified?
A Bethany B. Calvary C. Rome D. Capernaum
867 !he word Golgotha comes from what language?
A Hebrew B. Greek C. Latin D. Egyptian
868 What does Golgotha mean?
A The hill of remorse B. The hill of executions
C God's accursed D. The place of a skull
869. How many others were crucified with Jesus?
A Tvo B. Zero C. Three D. Five
870. Who cast lots for Jesus' robe?
A. The disciples B. The priests
C. The Sandherin D. The soldiers
871. What inscription was on Jesus' cross?
A. the King of Kings B. The King of the Jews
C. The King of Israel D. The King of Despair
872. In what three languages was this inscription?
A. Greek, Latin, and Egyption
B. Latin, Hebrew, and Greek
C. Hebrew, Greek and Syrian
D. Assyrian, Latin, and Egyptian
873. To whom did Jesus say, 'Today thou shalt be with me in paradise"?
A. Pilate B. The centurion C. The thief D. Peter
874. At Jesus' crucifixion, what was ripped in the temple?
A. The altar B. The laver C. The veil D. The ark
875. Who said, "Truly this man was the Son of God"?
A. Nicodemus B. Joseph of Arimathea
C. The centurion D. Pilate
876. What did the soldiers do to the ones being crucified?
A. Broke their legs B. Speared them
C. Watched them D. Left them
877. What did they do to Jesus?
A. Pierced His side B. Nothing
C. Buried Him D. Broke His legs
878. Who asked for Jesus' body?
A. Peter B. Mary C. John D. Joseph of Arimathaea
879. With whom did Pilate check to confirm Jesus' death?
A. Herod B. No one C. Joseph of Arimathea
D. The centurion
880. Who helped Joseph of Arimathea bury Jesus? A. Nicodemus B. Peter C. Judas D. James
881. On which day was Jesus resurrected?
A. Friday B. Sunday C. Saturday D. Thursday
882. Who frightened the women who came to the tomb?
A. The guards B. The disciples. C. Pilate D. An angel
883. To whom did Jesus first appear after His resurrection?
A. The women B. Mary Magdalene C. Peter D. John
884. How many demons had been cast out of Mary Magdalene?
A. Twelve B. Seven C. 1Wenty-one D. Fourteen
885. Which two disciples ran to the sepulcher?
A. Peter and John B. Philip and Andrew C. James and John
D. Thomas and Matthew
886. Who said that the disciples had stolen Jesus' body?
A. The guards B. The disciples C. Pilate D. Herod
887. To what village were two of the disciples walking?
A. Jerusalem B. Bethany C. Emmaus D. Samaria
888. These two recognized Jesus when Jesus did what?
A. ToId them His name
B. Broke bread C. Disappeared D. Spoke to them
889. To what city did the two return?
A. Bethlehem B. Jerusalem C. Nazareth D. Emmaus
890. Which disciple doubted that Jesus was alive?
A. Thomas B. John C. Peter D. Andrew
891. To whom did Jesus say, "Lovest thou me more than these?" A. Peter B. James C. John D. Thomas
892. To whom is the Book of Acts addressed?
A. The church at Jerusalem B. The apostles
C. Theophilus D. All Christians
893. How many days was Christ seen after His resurrection?
A. Petty B. 1Wenty C. Fifty D. Thirty
894 In what city did Jesus tell the disciples to wait?
A. Bethlehem B. Jerusalem C. Nazareth D. Capemaum
895. From what mount did Jesus ascend into heaven?
A. Mt. Sinai B. Mt. Horeb C. Mt. Moriah D. Mt. of Olives
896. How many were together in the upper room?
A. Eleven B. Five hundred C. One hundred twenty D. Twenty
897. Who was selected to take Judas' place?
A. Matthias B. Mark C. Luke D. Paul
898. On what Jewish holiday were the disciples filled with the Holy Ghost?
A. Passover B. Purim C. Pentecost D. Day of Atonement
899. Why were the people astonished at the disciples?
A. The people heard the disciples speak their own language
B. The disciples were drunk C. The people heard a rushing wind
D. The people saw flames of fire on the disciples' heads
900. What did the people think about the disciples?
A. That they were God's ministers B. That they were frauds
C. That they were lying D. That they were drunk
901. Who preached to the people on the day of Pentecost?
A. Paul B. John C. Peter D. James
902. What Old Testament prophet did Peter quote?
A. Joel B. Isaiah C. Jeremiah D. Elijah
903. Peter said the young men would have visions and the old men would
A. Also have visions B. Dream dreams C. Hear voices
D. Inspire others
904.1 How many people were added to the church on the day of Pentecost?
A. 120 B. 7,000 C. 33 D. 3,000
905. What two disciples went up to the temple to pray?
A. Peter and John B. James and John
C. Peter and Andrew D. Matthew and Philip
906. At the temple, a lame man sat at the gate called
A. Eastern B. Siloam C. Beautiful D. Bethesda
907. How old was the lame man who Peter healed?
A. Forty B. Twenty C. Sixty D. Thirty
'908. When the council questioned the disciples, who answered the council?
A. Thomas B. Peter C. lames D. lohn
909. What was Bamabas' country?
A. Cyprus B. Judea C. Crete D. Cilicia
910. What couple lied to the Holy Ghost and died?
A. Aquila and Priscilla B. Felix and Drusilla
C. Lois and Eunice D. Ananias and Sapphira
911 Who gave advice to the council concerning the disciples? ay A. Annas B. Gamaliel C. Caiaphas D. Nicodemus
912. How many deacons were chosen to help the disciples?
A. Seven B. INvelve C. Five D. Ten Ghost?
913. Who was stoned to death?
A. Peter B. Philip C. Stephen D. Mark
914. Who was the chief persecutor of the church?
A. Saul B. Silas C. Thomas D. Bamabas vind 915. Who preached to the people of Samaria?
A. Paul B. James C. Philip D. Thomas
916. What two disciples were sent to Samaria?
A. James and John B. Paul and Silas
C. Andrew and Levi D. Peter and John
917. Who told Philip to go to the desert?
A. An angel B. Peter C. Jesus D. God
'918. Whom did Philip meet in the desert?
A. A Samaritan B. An eunuch C. A Roman soldier D. A priest
919 Who was queen of the Ethiopians?
A. Esther B. Candace C. Vashti D. Sheba
920 What Old Testament book was the eunuch reading?
A. Isaiah B. Jeremiah C. Psalms D. Daniel
921. To what city was Saul headed when he was struck down by a light?
A. lyre B. Rome C. Jerusalem D. Damascus
'122. Atter he saw the light, what was physically wrong with Saul?
A. He was blind B. He was deaf C. He was dumb D. He was lame
923. In Damascus, in whose house did Saul stay?
A. Saul's B. Ananias' C. Judas' D. Philip's
924. The house Saul stayed in was on a street called what?
A. Beautiful B. Straight C. Main D. Narrow
925. Who touched Saul and restored his sight?
A. Barnabas B. Silas C. ludas D. Ananias
926. How did Saul escape from Damascus?
A. He was let down over a wall in a basket.
B. He hid in a cart of straw C. He hid in a huge stone jar
D. He disguised himself as a priest
927. When the disciples didn't trust Saul at Jerusalem, who vouched for him?
A. Barnabas B. Peter C. lames D. Silas
928. Who did Peter heal of the palsy?
A. Agabus B. Aeneas C. Aquilla D. Agrippa
929. How long had he been sick with the palsy?
A. Eight years B. Eighteen years C. Twenty-eight years
D. Thirty-eight years
930 Who had died at loppa?
A. lames B. Philip C. Thomas D. Tabitha
931. What was her other name?
A. Lydia B. Eunice C. Dorcas D. Euoclia
932. Who raised her from the dead?
A Peter B. James C. Jesus D. Paul
913. In whose house did Peter stay at loppa?
A Saul's B. Mark's C. Philip's D. Simon's
934. In what city did Cornelius live?
A Joppa B. Caesarea C. Jerusalem D. Capernaum
935.. Who saw a vision of a sheet descending from heaven with animals on It?
A Cornelius B. Saul C. Simon D. Peter
936. In what city were Jesus' followers first called Christians?
A. Antioch B. Jerusalem C. Rome D. Caesarea
937. Who had James killed?
A. Caesar B. Herod C. Felix D. Festus
938. After James' death, which disciple was arrested?
A. John B. Thomas C. Peter D. Bartholomew
939. Who led Peter from the prison?
A. An angel B. John C. Saul D. Barnabas
940. To whose house did Peter go?
A. Philip's B. Peters C. John's D. Mary's
941. Whose mother was she?
A. Peters B. Luke's C. Mark's D. Silas'
942. Who forgot to open the door and let Peter in?
A. Mary B. Mark C. Rhoda D. Barnabas
943. Which ruler was killed because he didn't give glory to God?
A. Caesar B. Felix C. Festus D. Herod
944. Who was the deputy of Cyprus?
A. Simon Magus B. Sergius Paulus C. Elymas D. Ananias
945: What was Saul's other name?
A. Silas B. Paul C. Barnabas D. Mark
946. Who left Paul and Barnabas at Perga?
A. Silas B. John Mark C. Titus D. Timothy
947. After a man was healed, what did the people call liarriabas?
A. Jupiter B. Mercury C. Apollo D. Pluto
948. After a man was healed, what did the people call Paul?
A. Mercury B. Neptune C. Jupiter D. Apollo
949. Who was stoned at Lystra?
A. Barnabas B. Mark C. Silas D. Paul
950. Whom did Paul and Barnabas argue over?
A. Silas B. Timothy C. John Mark D. Titus
951. Who went with Barnabas?
A. John Mark B. Paul C. Silas D. Peter
952. Who went with Paul?
A. John Mark B. Barnabas C. Silas D. Peter
953. Whom did Paul and Silas take with them at Lystra?
A. Peter B. Titus C. Luke D. Timothy
954. The Holy Spirit prevented Paul from preaching where?
A. Asia B. Rome C. Jerusalem D. Caesarea
955. In what city did Paul have a vision?
A Jerusalem B. Ephesus C. Antioch D. Troas
956. In his vision Paul saw a man of
A Rome B Macedonia C. Crete D. Cyprus
957. Who was the seller of purple at Philippi?
A. Lydia It 'Ihbitha C. Priscilla D. Dorcas
958. Where did Paul and Silas sing hymns at midnight?
A. In prison Ii, At Lydia's house C. By the river D. In the synagogue
959. Who said, "What must I do to be saved?"
A. Lydia B. A prisoner C. The jailer D. Silas
960. In what city did the people proclaim, "They that have turned the world upside down have come to us also"?
A. Philippi B. Ephesus C. Thessalonlca D. Rome
961. In what city were Paul and Silas received with readiness?
A. Thessalonica B. Berea C. Ephesus D. Corinth
962. To what city did Paul go after Berea?
A. Corinth B. Ephesus C. Rome D. Athens
963. Who preached on Mars' Hill?
A. Peter B. Paul C. Apollos D. Silas
964. Who was Aquila's wife?
A. Lydia B. Priscilla C. Lois D. Eunice
965. What was Aquila's and Priscilla's occupation?
A. Tentmakers B. Weavers C. Merchants D. Potters
966. At Ephesus the people burned their magic books which were worth how many pieces of silver?
A. 500 B. 1,500 C. 5,000 D. 50,000
967. Who was the silversmith who caused trouble for Paul?
A. Damaris B. Apollos C. Demetrius D. Claudius
968. He made shrines for which goddess?
A. Diana B. Aphrodite C. Isis D. Venus
969. Who fell from a window while Paul was preaching?
A. Eutychus B. Mark C. Dorcas D. Lydia
970. On his way to Jerusalem, Paul gave a farewell address to ____elders.
A. Antioch's B. Ephesus' C. Corinth's D. Philippi's
971. Whom did Paul stay with at Cae..alee
A. John B. Barnabas C Petri D. Phillp
972. Philip was one of the seven
A. Bishops B. Elders C. Deacons D. Disciples
973. How many daughters did Philip have?
A. T\vo B. Four C.Eight D. Ten
974. Where was Paul lewd of defiling in the temple?
A. In the temple it B. In the synagogue
C. In the Sandherin D. In Peter's house
975. The chief captain thought Paul was of what nationalty?
A. Roman B. Ethoplan C. Greek D. Egyptian
976. Flom what city was Paul?
A. Fare, B. Damascus C. Samaria D. Antioch 977
Non which of the Jewish tribes was Paul?
A. Dan B. Benjamin C. Levi D. Judah
978. Who was Paul's Jewish teacher?
A. Apollos B. Jesus C. Silas D. Gamaliel
979. A dot broke out when Paul mentioned what word?
A. Jesus B. Passover C. Gentiles D. Romans
980. What prevented the Romans from whipping Paul?
A. Paul was a Roman citizen B. Paul was a Jewish citizen
C. Paul gave them money D. Paul was innocent
981. How many people had formed a conspiracy to kill Paul?
A. Ten B. Wenty C. Thirty D. Forty
982. Who told Paul of the conspiracy?
A. His uncle B. His brother C. His nephew D. His sister
983. Paul was taken from Jerusalem to
A. Rome B. Caesarea C. Antioch D. Ephesus
984. Who was the governor Paul appeared before?
A. Felix B. Pilate C. Herod D. Agrippa
985. Who was Felix's wife?
A. Bemice B. Priscilla C. Lydia D. Drusilla 986.
986. Who succeeded Felix?
A. Agrippa B. Herod C. Festus D. Claudio~
987. To whom did Paul appeal?
A. Caesar B. Herod C. The Sanhedrin I) Lout 'nix
988. What king came to visit Festus?
A. Caesar B. Felix C. Agrippa D. Nero
989. Who accompanied the king? A. Bernice B. Drusilla C. Diana D. Mary
990. Who said, "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian"? A. Festus B. Paul C. Bernice D. Agrippa
991. What was called Euroclydon? A. The ship B. The wind C. The port D. The crew
992. On which island was Paul stranded? A. Melita B. Crete C. Cyprus D. Sicily
993. Who was bitten by a poisonous snake but did not die? A. The centurion B. Silas C. Luke D. Paul
994. In what city was Paul imprisoned? A. Rome B. Corinth C. Ephesus D. Antioch
995. Who was Timothy's grandmother? A. Mary B. Lydia C. Lois D. Eunice
996. Who was Timothy's mother? A. Martha B. Lois C. Eunice D. Drusilla
997. Who is the archangel? A. Gabriel B. Apollyon C. Michael D. Justus
998. Who wrote the Book of Revelation? A. Paul B. John C. Peter D. Jude
999. To how many churches of Asia did John write? A. Three B. Seven C. Twelve D. Forty
1000. On what island was John when he wrote the Book of Revelation? A. Patmos B. Melita C. Crete D. Cyprus
1001. Where will the earth's last battle be fought? A. Rome B. Cilicia C. Armageddon D. Hephzibah
Catechism Bible Quiz


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