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Catell's 16 Personality Factor Test

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Personality traits are describes person’s stable patterns of how they think, feel, or behave. They were useful for the description, prediction and explanation about person’s typical behavior. Big Five Factor Test and Catell’s 16 Personality Factor Test are the most common tests that used to measure personality traits. I took two of them to see my personality traits. Firstly, I took the Big Five Factor Test that was measure (O) Openness, (C) Conscientiousness, (E) Extraversion, (A) Agreeableness, and (N) Neuroticism and each traits includes more specific traits. The language of the test was very easy, it doesn’t include any scientific word but there are some sentences that are not clear and I’m hesitated about what does it means. For example, “I often feel blue” because the test doesn’t explain what does it mean by saying feel blue. …show more content…
Otherwise, I think using a short sentences was very comfortable. On the other hand, the test was very short than I expected. It has only 50 questions. It took like five minutes to finish but actually, it was good for me to keep my attention on the test. Secondly, I took Catell’s 16 Personality Factor test. It was much longer than the Big Five Factor Test. It has 163 questions and in some questions it was asking same thing but in different sentence order and that made me confused about my answers. There was also “I seldom feel blue.” sentence again and it wasn’t clear either. Moreover, I hesitated about my answer for the “I do unexpected things.” Question because it wasn’t clear that what was the unexpected thing and according to whom they are unexpected. Also in some questions i’m looking for the “it depends” answer such as, “ I try to follow the rules.” and “I trust what people say.” In addition to these, answering the 163 questions made me bored. Now I will talk about my

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