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You are the manager of a health restaurant . Describe the factors that you would consider when planning a new menu for the restaurant . (10)
As the manager I should know that the soundness of the menu contributes greatly to the meal experience because the menu is the kitchen blueprint . The factors used in planning a menu include : facilities for cooking and service , staff capability , pricing policy based on costs , business promotion and marketing , balance, availability and season of supplies and clientele . (i) Facilities for cooking and service
Equipment must be adequate , particularly as improvisation often leads to poor safety and hygiene practice . It is important to realise , as well , that any unfair loading of work in one production or service area may lead to bad feelings and a lowering of staff morale . (ii) Staff capability
The menu should match the capabilities of the cooking and service staff. In some cases a meal does not live up to a customer’s expectations , because of a mismatch of skill and output . In some cases with a limited range of experience ,the staff may not have a full understanding of the universally acceptable standards that prevail in the industry . (iii) Pricing policy based on costs
Some items may require little or no preparation before being sold whilst others will require little or no preparation before being sold whilst others will require lengthy and complex preparation and cooking . (iv) Business promotion and marketing
The physical appearance of the menu is a factor in raising customer expectations and attracting them to eat in the restaurant . In my restaurant menus will be designed to promote the company’s image and consistency of products which are strong selling points . (v) Balance

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