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CAFP Retirement Dinner
Senior rep’s of CAFP that are retiring will be honoured. Special guest speaker and Chairman of CAFP Mr. Dan Reeves will be saying a heartwarming speech, noting the works and accomplishments of the retiree’s in front of their family and friends who will also be in attendance.
Service style will be American, the room will be setup with seven u-shaped tables that seat 10 people, placed in a chevron style facing the podium for the guest speaker. The room capacity is 80 seated people, which is why we are setting up for only 70 people, because we have to factor in our staff and that the registration tables along with the bar and the pick-up station will take up space. There will be two registration tables positioned next to each entrance/exit, one bar at the south left side of the room and one pick-up station at the south right side of the room, as well as the podium and stage at the front center of the room. The theme for the night will be Tuxedo Royale “James Bond.”
5pm – 2 servers come in to set up the room.
6pm – 3 more servers come in to help finish setting up side station (coffee, tea, pick up area) and prepare to serve h’ordeurves , along with one bartender setting up the bar station.
6:30pm – Guests begin to arrive. Drinks served at the bar, servers begin to serve h’ordeurves , one server works registration table as guests check in, after registration ends server returns to serving.
7:15pm – Guest are expected to be seated. Drink orders taken and served if asked.
7:30pm – 8:00pm – Speech.
8:10pm – Dinner Served and expected to be finished between 9:15 to 9:30pm.
9:40pm – Tables cleared and coffee tea is placed on the tables. 2 Staff that arrived at 5 will be relieved from their duties.
9:45pm- Final Speech and Thank you’s. Last call from the bar.
10:00pm – 10:30pm – People are expected to leave.
11:00pm – Room cleared and reset to original form. Bar taken down. Staff relieved from their duties.

Position | Number of staff | Wage/Hourly | Hours | Total | Bartender | 1 | $8.50 | 5 | $42.50 | Server | 5 | $10.25 | 24 | $246 | Total Cost | $288.50 | Quoted to the client | $388.50 |

Menu & Cost
As per the requirements, our team has decided to serve a 5 course meal, which includes soup, an appetizer, main-course, dessert and fruits. We will be calculating cost of the major portions of individual courses only and add an approximate cost of additional requirements in the preparation of the courses, such as seasonings, greens, garnishes and other essentials.
Item | Recipe | Cost Price | Yield/servings | Cost price per person | Selling Price | Cream of Mushroom | * 5kgs Mushrooms @ $7.99 per/kg * 1kg Onions @ $1.48 per/kg * 3L Half and Half @13.56 per/Litre * 1kg All purpose Flour @$5.18 per/kg * 1kg Butter @4.37 per/kg | $64.58 | 72 | 89.7cents per serving | $87.18 | Chicken Skewers | * 8.2kgs. Chicken @ $7.09 per/kg * 1kg onions @ 1.48 per/kgs * 1 Kg Cooking Oil @$4.11 per/kg * 2 kgs ketchup @$3.35 per/kg | $70.42 | 180 Skewers2.5 per person | 98cents/ per person | $95.10 | Beef Wellington | * 11 kgs Round Steak @13.90 * 1kg butter @$4.37 * 2kgs of onions @1.48 per/kgs * Left over mushrooms * Puff pastry flour 2kgs @ 5.18 * 1 dozen eggs @ $3.09 * 1 Red wine @ $12 per/blt * 2 kgs of carrots @$1.63 per/kgs * 2kgs of celery @$2.58 per kgs | $188.92 | 5 Ounces steak per person72 portions | $2.62 per person | $255.05 | Blue Cheese cake | * Left over butter * 1kgs crackers @ 2.70 per kgs * 3 kgs cheese @ $2.73 * 1kgs of sour cream @$3.46 * 1 dozen eggs @ $3.09 * Left over flour * Left over onions | $17.44 | 72 servings | 24cents per person | $23.55 | Fruit salad | * Apples 3 kgs @$3.40 per/kg * Bananas 4kgs @ 1.72 per/kg * Oranges 5kgs @ 2.65 per/kg * Cinnamon dip 3kgs @ $4.20 per/kgs | $42.93 | 72 servings | 60cents per person | $58 | Essentials | * Salt * Sugar * Pepper * Seasoning * Greens * Garnishes * Milk | | $60 | Other Charges | Gratuity | | 13%$75.25 | Total – $663.25 |

Our sales price (35% mark up)

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