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Cats in Cradle

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I stood in front of dad’s tombstone and recalled the memories with him.
“When are you coming home, dad?” Louise asked. “I don’t know when, but we will get together then. You know we will have a good time then.” Daniel replied. Why doesn’t he spend a little time on me? I was asking him to teach me how to throw a ball but he said no. If he could spend only 15 minutes to be with me, that would be more than enough for me. I smiled at him and walked away. I wondered does he love me, as his only child. He often comes home late at night and time with him was considered a scarcity. 5 minutes is quite a privilege. I go back to dad’s house, tidy up all his stuffs. As I flip over all the letters in a box, I realize that was many letters sent by the Children’s Home Association of London. All of the contents were the same - “Thank you for your love and care for the children.” There must be something wrong, dad were always busy with his works. He had no time to be bothered about this stuff. I rang up the association and the person in charge asks me to have a meet up at the children’s home. I step into the entrance, looking for the person in charge. I glance over the wall with many frames. I saw a familiar guy in one of the frames, that’s dad! I can’t believe my eyes! “Hi! You must be Mr Louise! I’m Vivian, the caretaker here. Nice to meet you! You look just like your father. ” she said. “Yes I am. Hmm… Nice to meet you too.” I replied. She brought me over her room and gave me a medal with dad’s name and a letter. It is written by dad. Sorry my dear son. Do remember, you are the luckiest person in the world because you have mum and me. But for those children, they aren’t like you. I hope you can be like me, spend your time with those who are in need, give those children hope and happiness. You will feel happy when u give something but not get something. I hold...

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