Cause and Effect of Pollution in Lake Huron

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The Great Lakes together form the world’s largest fresh water system. They supply a significant amount of the world’s fresh water supply. The great lakes are not only an important source of fresh water, these mast bodies of water also are known to be a home for many wildlife species. For many years the Great Lakes have served as a dumping ground for many harmful pollutants. From industrial waste and drain pipes to pesticides and fertilizer runoff s the Great Lakes are suffering. Damage of this kind produce harmful conditions for the fish, wildlife, and humans dwelling in the surrounding area of the region.
Sources of Pollution in the Great Lakes
Earlier age industrial companies, such as pulp and paper, operating near the Great Lakes region dumped waste including mercury into the water using pipes and/or vessels. Some of this polluting was done involuntarily with the malfunctioning of these pipes or vessels. Other times were intentional sticking to the theory that water “neutralizes” all substances.
Fecal matter was another strand of pollution found in later experiments performed on the water of the Great Lakes. The source of this pollutant was believed to be sewage. Sewage is known to house many bacteria including two of the most harmful, E.coli and enterococci (Liu et al 2006). Pollutants of this kind cause the water quality to decline and bacteria growth to increase (Shear 2006).
Other forms of pollutants that affect the Great lakes include air-bound, pesticide and fertilizer runoffs. These pollutants affect the Lakes involuntarily. These pollutants…...