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Causes and Effects of Illegal Immigration and Ways to Stop It

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Illegal Immigration and ways to stop Illegal Immigrant in the United States. An illegal immigrant can be defined as someone who enters a country without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa or permitted stay. Although the United States of America has become a melting point for all people seeking free choice of worship, cruel governments, relief from war, famine, or poverty, to seek for a better life for themselves and their families, the importance and terms and conditions of becoming a legal immigrant in the United States, as being misused by illegal immigrants, who violates the immigration laws country, either by to avoid detection and hence, inspection, individuals who are inspected upon entry into another state, but gain admission by using fraudulent documents, or violators who enter another state properly but 'willfully' overstay their period of legal stay, thus violating their stay. Illegal immigration in the United States has being one of the most discuss issues and concerns in the United States for decades, and has recently has become one of the main political controversies due to the upcoming election this coming month. The Department of Homeland security from the book current controversies on illegal immigration on ( p 20), it stays that 10.8 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the United States, as of January 2009 on illegal immigration, to the overview of unauthorized immigration in the United States . Although it has always being said that the origins of illegal immigration was date back to the late nineteenth century, when a federal law was passed to prohibited entry of convicts and prostitutes in the year 1875, and also In the year 1882 , when President Chester A. Arthur(the twenty first president of the United States), banned almost all Chinese immigration to the United...

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