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Causes and Effects of Stroke

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Topic: Causes and Effects of Stroke

Thesis: To gain better knowledge and understanding of the disease called stroke, one must be familiar with how it is caused, its forms, symptoms, facilitators, how it is diagnosed, treated, and prevented.

I. Introduction
II. Stroke A. Definition B. Types C. Causes
III. Demographics
IV. Symptoms
V. Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
VI. Conclusion

Causes and Effects of Stroke Many individuals know or have friends, relatives, loved ones, or someone close to them who have either experienced firsthand or have seen the effects of a stroke, in addition to the toll it takes on the victim and the victim’s life. However, what remains unclear to most families is exactly what the condition is and what causes it. To gain better knowledge and understanding of the disease called stroke, one must be familiar with how it is caused, its forms, symptoms, facilitators, how it is diagnosed, treated, and prevented. By definition, a stroke is a condition where a blood clot or ruptured artery or blood vessel blocks the flow of blood to a specific area of the brain. It is a lack of flowing oxygen and glucose to the brain that leads to the deterioration of brain cells and the start of brain damage, thus resulting in the person developing speech impairment, memory, and movement. There are two main categories in which strokes are classified, ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. The ischemic stroke is what accounts for seventy-five percent of all cases of strokes. In this condition, a blood clot, or thrombus, forms and blocks the flow of blood to the part of the brain where it is needed. Adversely, if a clot should form elsewhere in the body and breaks off to become free-floating, it is then referred to as an embolus. This clot may then be carried throughout the bloodstream and directly to the...

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