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The international history of CBR started in the 1960s, efforts to establish rehabilitation centers in developing countries had taken hold in urban centers, but failed to provide support and assistance to disabled people in rural areas throughout the world. The response of world aid organizations was to shift funding from city-based hospitals to rural community programs. The first CBR pilot projects were launched in the 1970s, and their continuing success has led to CBR programs being adopted throughout Africa, Asia and South America.


Based on historical accounts the government's concern for the disabled persons began as early as 1917 and the national concern for rehabilitation was manifested by non-government organizations as well. On January 16–20, 1978, the country hosted the Second International Conference on Legislation Concerning the Disabled organized by the Rehabilitation International's national affiliate, the Philippine Foundation for the Rehabilitation for Disabled Persons (PFRD). During the said conference, President Ferdinand Marcos signed Presidential Decree No. 1509 creating the National Commission Concerning Disabled Persons (NCCDP). NCCDP was tasked to prepare and adopt an integrated and comprehensive long-term National Rehabilitation Plan (NRP).

From the time of its inception in 1978, the Philippine Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Disabled, Inc. (PFRD) served as the Commission's Secretariat to assist the NCCDP Board in the implementation of its objectives and functions. This arrangement stayed in effect until P.D. 1509 was amended by P.D. 1761 on January 4, 1981.

With the success of the important work began during the International Year of Disabled Persons in 1981, the Decade of Disabled Persons (1981-1991) was proclaimed for nationwide observance on...

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