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1.1Background of the organization
The name of the company ABC stands for BPO (business process outsourcing) which was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2002 February 18. The company provides data processing and calls center services, primarily for customers in the banking, financial services, insurance, and travel industries. Most of its facilities are in India; it also operates in the US, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the UK. Major clients have included insurer Aviva, Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company, SAGA, British Airways, and Travelocity. ABC Company is providing services to over 1600 clients across three continents (Europe, America & Asia) in Travel, Finance, Legal, Business consultancy etc. More than two-thirds of the company's business comes from customers based in Europe (primarily in the UK). Investment firm Warburg Pincus owns 48% of ABC. Company ABC currently has over 24000 employees across countries.
In 2004, Company ABC commenced operations in Sri Lanka providing its services as a financial services provider in the off shoring business. ABC Sri Lanka went on to build a “Financial Services center of excellence” for the entire company ABC all over the world. ABC Sri Lanka obtained certification as an approved training organization of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL) for Final Level training
1.1.1 Mission and Values
We enable Clients to Outperform with our Passion for Service and Innovation
Company ABC capitalize on their strengths by embracing the following values
•Client First- Place clients at the core of everything we do
•Integrity - Be ethical, honest, and committed in all actions
•Respect - Be sensitive to individual differences and treat everyone with dignity
•Collaboration - Always keep "One ABC" as uppermost in everything we do...

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