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2)What method is used to tell the subscriber that someone is calling?
Ringing Voltage
4)Explain how rotary dialing send digits to the switch.
The pulses are generated through the making and breaking of the telephone connection, the audible clicks are a side effect of this. As a result, all that is really needed to dial a number with pulse dialing is a switch
6)Why do business customers order ground start signaling lines?
Business systems with such as a PBX or key system are adversely affected in incomingm outgoing call collisions and therefore requre a special signaling method - Groudn start signaling 0 to eliminate the chance of glare.
8)Define in-band signaling and list the three in-band signaling methods used to initiate trunk connections between switches.
10)What is CAS and where is it used? a form of digital signalling systems in modern telecoms networks
12)Define out-of-band signaling communications which occur outside of a previously established communication method or channel
14)Define the following terms:
SSP-service switching point are end points that are used in a telecommunication system which can be interconnected to each other by ss7 links.
STP- Signaling transfer point is a packet switching node that is used to route control messages that are sent in a commnication network.
SCP-Service control point is a standard component of the intelligent network telephone system which is used to control the service.
16)Draw the SS-7 message format by showing the MTP, the ISUP, the TCAP, and the SCCP, and explain the function of each.

2)The MG has to be placed in the same location as the MGC
A. True
4)Explain why a company purchases two MGC's even when call volume does not warrant the purchase.
6)An MTA provides all functions except:
e. none of the above
8)Megaco/H.248 and MGCP are primarily used to set up trunks between...

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