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Cdc and Information Systems

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Introduction to IT
CDC and Information Systems
Karissa Keller
May 12, 2014

Section 1: Information Systems Overview 3 The CDC 3
Selection of Information System 3-4
Management Information Systems Office 4
Evaluating Surveillance Systems 4-5
Section 2: Information Systems Concepts (TBA) 5 Network Basics 5 Local Area Network and Wide Area Network: Description and Uses 5-6 CDC Network LAN or WAN 6 WI-FI and Telecommuting: Description and Issues 6-7 CDC: To Telecommute or Not 7-8
Section 3: Business Information Systems (TBA) 8 Defining MIS, TPS, DSS, and A.I. 8-10 CDC Using MIS 10 CDC Implementing TPS 10-11 CDC’s Use of DSS 11-12 CDC Implements A.I. 12-13
Section 4: System Development 13 Software System and Software Process 13-14 Waterfall Method vs. Prototype 14-15 The Phases of the Waterfall Method 15-16
Section 5: Information Systems and Society 17 History of Hacking 17 Techniques and Approaches Hackers Use 17-19 Preventive Measures for Minimizing Hacker Disruption 19-20
References 21-24

Section 1: Information Systems Overview
The CDC Organizations use information systems for a multitude of reasons. Some of these reasons can be to increase the quality of healthcare and improve the overall health care industry, such as does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC is well known for collecting data on a vast spectrum of information in order to improve the quality and the way health care is delivered. By conducting research and investigations, CDC continues to increase the security of health of our nation. Since opening its doors in 1946, CDC has been in the business of prevention and control of diseases, injury, and disability for more than 60 years (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). In...

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