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Ginger Hotels is an Indian hotel chain, established by Roots Corporation Ltd and part of “The Indian Hotels Company Ltd” which is a part of Tata Group. It comes under the brand of “Smart Basics Hotels” having almost 30 hotels in different parts of India.
Ginger Hotel looks very similar to the other hotels of the same class with all the facilities that a normal hotel would offer but the difference comes when the services are offered. The Tagline which says “Please help yourselves“ aptly reflects its most distinguishing features like Self-Service Check-in, Give n Take, Smart Get Set, Smart Knick Knacks, Smart Mart.
Detailed Case Analysis (word count: 980) Ginger hotels are built around a unique concept that provides facilities to Business traveler, middle class family, tourists and a small portion for student section also at surprisingly affordable rates. The primary objective behind the launch of these hotels is to provide a high class service offering and consistent experience which is entirely different from other hotels. Ginger hotels try to maximize the value, which customers get in return. The main driving principle is Value= Utility divided by cost. As the utility increases value increases and as cost decreases value again increases. So the management tries to increase the utility (different special services) at an optimum price (lesser compared to competitors.) The entire design was led by developing a clear understanding of the guest profile, mind set & expectations. The Operation strategy of Ginger Hotel will work out and be successful only when there is a perfect knowledge about the target groups and their expectation and they are delivering in a perfect way and has been successful. Their main targeted customers are as follows:- * Young generation (They are happy with self service) * Middle level...

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