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Ceja Vineyards

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Ceja Vineyards 1) What has made Ceja Vineyards successful to date? Consider both favorable and unfavorable factors.
The success of any business starts with a good story. Stories can be captivating, educational, thought-provoking, and inspirational. A story that is genuine and humble can create a deep connection between the consumer and the business. A properly communicated story can cause the audience to experience a vicarious feeling of nostalgia.
In the case of Ceja Vineyards, the story is humble and relatable. Winetasting (and drinking in general) tends to spark up conversation. For instance, when I toured the Terlato Family wineries in Napa, the man that was providing us with various wine samples (while also sampling them himself), decided to share a special wine with us. Of course, the “special” part of the wine was centered in its story. One day while workers were installing some posts to brace up the grape vines, they bumped into something hard in the dirt. The workers removed the object from the ground and, to their surprise, discovered that it was a tomahawk. Further research on the tomahawk confirmed that it was a genuine Native American weapon that dated back several hundred years. The vines that were in the immediate vicinity produced their best tasting wine, which they properly named “Tomahawk.” It just so happens to be their most expensive wine as well.
Here I am several years later, bragging about this Tomahawk wine that I got to try and why it has its name. Hosting potential consumers at Ceja Vineyards is a great way to share a unique story from the source. The humble beginnings started in Mexico, where two separate uneducated/poor families made the decision to pursue opportunities in the United States for the sake of their children. Hard work led to a position as a foreman for the maverick of the wine industry, Robert Mondavi. Meanwhile,...

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